Seattle Northbound Travel Times

Times as of: 5:50 PM Tuesday, September 18, 2018
Routes & RoadsTravel Times
SR 167Auburn to Renton101010
I-405Bellevue to Bothell243010
Bellevue to Everett545227
I-405Bellevue to Lynnwood353715
I-5Everett to Arlington2016N/A
I-5Everett to Marysville1511N/A
Federal Way to Bellevue313226
I-5Federal Way to SeaTac999
I-5Federal Way to Seattle323026
I-405Renton to Bellevue141412
Renton to Seattle232318
I-5SeaTac to Seattle222117
I-5Seattle to Everett595739
Via Northbound Express Lanes585235
I-5Seattle to Lynnwood394128
Via Northbound Express Lanes403623
I-5SR 522
Seattle to Woodinville3926N/A
via Northbound Express Lanes3523N/A
I-5SR 520
I-405SR 522
Seattle to Woodinville3541N/A
I-405SR 522
Seattle to Woodinville3943N/A
I-405Southcenter to Alderwood5559N/A
I-5Southcenter to Alderwood6262N/A
I-405Southcenter to Bellevue202215

What do the colors on the numbers mean?

  • Green:Current travel time is less than the average.
  • Blue:Current travel time is the same as the average.
  • Red:It will take longer to get there than your average commute.

The average HOV time is not shown but the times have been colored to indicate the difference from the average time.

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