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Main north-south route through western Washington which runs in its entirety from Canada to Mexico. Major Washington cities include Seattle, Tacoma, Vancouver, Olympia, Bellingham and Everett.

I-5: SR-14
I-5: Mill Plain Blvd
I-5: 29th
I-5: 35th St
I-5: Main St
I-5: 63rd
I-5: 78th
I-5: 86th
I-5: 99th
I-5: Salmon Creek
I-5: 129th
I-5: 134th
I-5: 154th St
I-5: S of 179th
I-5: N of 179th
I-5 NB at 199th
I-5 NB at SR502 on ramp
I-5 SB at SR502 on ramp
I-5: Carty Rd
I-5: Dolan Rd
I-5: SR 501
I-5: Weigh Station
I-5: Paradise Point
I-5: Owl Creek
I-5: SR 432
I-5: SR 12
I-5: Rush Rd
I-5: MP 73.3
I-5: Labree Rd
I-5: 13th St
I-5: West St
I-5: MP 80 Chehalis
I-5: Blakeslee Junction
I-5: Lewis County Line
I-5: Thurston/Lewis County Line
I-5: US 12 Grand Mound
I-5: Scatter Creek
I-5: Maytown South
I-5: Maytown
I-5: Maytown North
I-5: Custer Way
I-5: Capitol Blvd
I-5: Eastside St
I-5: Pacific Ave (Olympia)
I-5: Sleater-Kinney
I-5: Martin Way
I-5: Carpenter Rd South
I-5: Carpenter Rd North
I-5: Marvin Rd
I-5: Meridian Rd
I-5: Nisqually @ MP 114
I-5: Nisqually Bridge
I-5: Nisqually Rail Road
I-5: Mounts Rd South
I-5: Mounts Rd
I-5: Mounts Rd Scale
I-5: Center Dr
I-5: DuPont
I-5: Pendleton Ave
I-5: JBLM South
I-5: JBLM Main Gate
I-5: JBLM North
I-5: Berkeley St
I-5: Thorne Lane
I-5: Gravelly Lk Dr
I-5: Bridgeport Way
I-5: New York Ave
I-5: SB/SR 512 Interchange
I-5: 84th St
I-5: S 72nd/74th St
I-5: 56th St
I-5: S 38th St South
I-5 SB: SR 16 Interchange
I-5 NB: SR 16 Interchange
I-5: Yakima Ave
I-5: Pacific Ave (Tacoma)
I-5: Tacoma Dome
I-5: East L Street
I-5: Puyallup River
I-5: Port of Tacoma I/C
I-5: Port of Tacoma Rd
I-5: 54th at Fife
I-5: South of 70th Ave
I-5: North of 70th Ave
Emerald St
Pierce Co Line
S 375th St
I-5: Weigh Station
Enchanted Pkwy
I-5: SR 18 Interchange, S
I-5: SR 18 Interchange, W
I-5/SR 18 Interchange
S 333rd St
S 320th St
S 320th St, Ramps
S 317th St
S 308th St
S 296th St
S 288th St
S 272nd St
S 260th St
S 248th St
I-5/SR 516 Interchange
S 216th St
S 200th St
S 188th St
S 178th St
Klickitat Rd
SR 518
S 144th St
I-5: SR 599 Interchange
Duwamish River
I-5: MLK Jr Way S
MLK Jr Way, N
Boeing Access Rd, S
Boeing Access Rd North
S Benefit St
I-5: S Rose St (Mid-Boeing Field)
S Henderson St
I5: S Webster St
S Austin St
S Willow St
S Graham St
Albro Pl
S Hudson St
I-5: S. Oregon St
S Ferdinand St
I-5: S. Court St
Spokane St
S Holgate St
I-5: S. Forest St
S Walker St
Judkins St
S Dearborn St
I-5/I-90 Interchange (8th Ave S)
Yesler Way
5th Ave/Cherry
Columbia St Express Lanes
5th Ave/Columbia
Marion St
Madison St Express Lanes
Seneca St
Seneca St Express Lanes
University St, SB
University St Ramp
University St, NB
Union St Express Lanes
Pike St/9th Ave
Pike St, SB
Pike St, NB
9th Ave at Pike
Pine St
Pike St Express Lanes
Pike Express Lanes Ramp
Howell St
I-5 at John St Express Lanes
I-5: Denny Way
Stewart/Eastlake Ramp
I-5 at Mercer St Express Lanes
Mercer St Ramps
Mercer St NB Ramp
Mercer St
Lakeview Express Lanes
Boylston Ave
Roanoke St
Roanoke St Express Lanes
Eastlake Ave Express Lanes
Ship Canal Express Lanes
I-5: Ship Canal Bridge
NE 42nd St Ramp
NE 40th St Express Lanes
7th Ave & 42nd
NE 45th St
NE 50th St
Lake City Way
I-5: Lake City Way Express Lanes
NE 85th St
I-5: NE 77th St
NE 80th St Express Lanes
N 92nd St
NE 107th St
NE 103rd Express Lanes Ramp
1st Ave & 103rd
N Northgate Way
NE 130th St
NE 117th St
NE 120th St
NE 145th St
N Metro Base
NE 175th St
NE 175th St, NB
NE 195th St
NE 205th St
236th St SW
228th St SW
220th St SW
212th St SW
44th Ave W
196th St SW
186th St SW
I-5/I-405 Interchange (Alderwood)
164th St, Ramp
164th St SW
Ash Way
148th St SW
134th St SW
128th St SW
118th St SW
112th St SW, SB
112th St SW, NB
106th St SW
Everett Mall Way
SR 526
Broadway SB Ramp
77th St SE
73rd St SE, SB
73rd St SE, NB
61st St SE, NB
60th St SE, SB
52nd St SE
47th St SE
43rd St SE
41st St SE
40th St SE
36th St SE
Pacific Ave
I-5 / US 2 Interchange
Everett Ave
Marine View Dr
15th St
I-5: 12th St NE
I-5: 26th St NE
37th St NE
I-5: SR 529
I-5: SR 528
72nd St NE
I-5: 88th St NE
101st Pl NE
I-5: 116th St NE
I-5: 128th St NE
I-5: 136th St NE
I-5: 144th St NE
I-5: 156th St NE
I-5: SR 531
I-5: 184th St NE
200th St NE
I-5: SR 530
I-5: Stillaguamish River
I-5: 228th St NE
236th St NE
I-5: SR 532
I-5: Anderson Rd (South)
I-5: Anderson Rd (North)
I-5: North of Kincaid St
I-5: College Way
I-5: College Way NB Ramps
I-5 at George Hopper Rd
I-5: SR 20
Lake Samish Park and Ride
South of Old Fairhaven Parkway (north)
Old Fairhaven Parkway
I-5: Samish Way SB Onramp
I-5: Samish Way NB Onramp
Lakeway Dr
Iowa St
Sunset Dr
Meridian St
I-5: Northwest Ave
Bakerview Rd
Bakerview, SB Offramp
I-5: Bellingham Airport
I-5: Slater Rd
Smith Rd
I-5: Main St
I-5: Main St NB Ramps
I-5: Main St SB Ramps
I-5: Portal Way
I-5: Trigg Rd
I-5: Grandview Rd
I-5: California Creek
I-5: NB Custer Rest Area
I-5: Zell Rd
I-5: Willeys Lake Rd
I-5: SB Custer Rest Area South
I-5: SB Custer Rest Area North
I-5: Birch Bay-Lynden Rd
Loomis Trail Rd
I-5 @ W 88th St
Peace Portal Dr
I-5: SR 543 Interchange
Mitchell Ave
D St Offramp
D St
I-5 @ Peace Arch


Splits off I-5 north of Vancouver and provides a bypass east of Portland.

I-205 @ SR-14
I-205 @ SR-14 W
I-205 @ SR-14 E
I-205 @ Mill Plain Blvd 1
I-205 @ Mill Plain Blvd 2
I-205 @ Mill Plain Interchange
I-205 @ 18th St
I-205: 39th St SB
I-205: 39th St NB
I-205: 58th St
I-205 @ SR 500
I-205 @ 78th St
I-205 @ Padden
I-205: Andresen Rd
I-205: Salmon Creek
I-205: 134th St Looking South
I-205: 134th St Looking North
I-205: 139th St


Runs north and south east of Lake Washington between Lynnwood and Tukwila through Bothell, Bellevue and Renton.

Andover Park W
Longacres Dr
I-405: West Valley Highway (SR 181)
Oaksdale Ave
I-405/SR 167 Interchange
I-405: Talbot Rd S
S 10th St
S 5th St
S 3rd St
SR 169
I-405: Sunset Blvd
NE Park Dr
NE 30th St
NE 24th St
NE 44th St
SE 64th St
SE 72nd St
SE 59th St
112th Ave SE
Coal Creek Pkwy
SE 45th St
SE 40th St
I-90 I/C SE Quad
I-90/I-405 Interchange (Factoria)
I-90 Interchange, NW Quadrant
Richards Rd
I-405: SE 20th St, SB
I-405: SE 8th St
I-405: SE 20th St, NB
SE 19th St, NB
SE 9th Pl
I-405: NE 8th St
Main St
NE 9th St
NE 10th St
NE 4th St
NE 6th St
NE 14th St
I-405/SR 520 Interchange
NE 20th St
NE 22nd St
NE 40th St
NE 59th St
NE 85th St
I-405: NE 70nd Pl
I-405: NE 75th St
NE 116th St
NE 100th St
NE 116th St, SPUI
I-405: NE 124th St
NE 128th St
NE 132nd St
NE 144th St
NE 160th St
I-405: SR 522 Interchange SB
I-405: SR 522 Interchange NB
NE 195th St
232nd St SE
236th St SE, NB
236th St SE, SB
SR 527, Westside
SR 527, Median
216th St SE
204th St SE, SB
213th St SE
204th St SE, NB
I-405: Damson Rd
I-405: Filbert Rd
I-5/I-405 Interchange (Alderwood)


Main east-west route across Washington runs from Seattle over Snoqualmie Pass through Ellensburg over the Columbia River at Vantage and beyond Spokane where it continues into Idaho and all the way to Boston, MA.

4th Ave S, EB
Airport Way, WB
8th Ave S, EB
3rd Ave S
Airport Way, VMS
NB I-5 to EB I-90 Ramp
12th Ave S, EB
12th Ave S, WB
Corwin Pl S
18th Ave S (Near Rainier Ave)
23rd Ave S
Rainier Ave S
East Portal, Mt Baker Tunnel
Floating Bridge, West Highrise
I-90 Bridge Midspan
Floating Bridge, East Highrise
W Mercer Way
76th Ave SE
77th Ave SE
ICW Tunnel
I-90: Island Crest Way
80th Ave SE
I-90: Shorewood
I-90: Shorewood West
I-90: E Mercer Way
N Mercer Wy
Barnabie Pt
108th Ave SE
I-90: Bellevue Way SE
118th Ave SE
I-90: 133rd Ave SE
142nd Pl SE
161st Ave SE
150th Ave SE
I-90: 163rd Ave SE
192nd Ave SE
I-90: W Lk Sammamish Pkwy
I-90: SR 900
I-90: Front St
Front St EB Ramp
I-90: Sunset Way
246th Ave SE, WB
246th Ave SE, EB
256th Ave SE
284th Ave SE
I-90: SR 18
North Bend on I-90 @ MP33
Tinkham Road I-90 @ MP 45.26
Denny Creek on I-90 @ MP46.8
Asahel Curtis on I-90 @ MP48
Rockdale on I-90 @ MP49
Franklin Falls on I-90 @ MP51.3
Snoqualmie Summit on I-90 @ MP52
East Snoqualmie Summit on I-90 @ MP53
Hyak on I-90 @ MP55.2
Old Keechelus Snow Shed I-90 @ MP 57.7
Easton Hill on I-90 @ MP67.4
Easton on I-90 @ MP70.6
East Easton on I-90 @ MP72
West Nelson on I-90 @ mp 73.19
Bullfrog-facing east on I-90 @ MP 79.54
Bullfrog-facing west on I-90 @ MP 79.54
Cle Elum on I-90 @ MP 84.6
Indian John Hill on I-90 @ MP89
Elk Heights on I-90 @ MP 92
Elk Heights @ I-90 mp 93
Rocky Canyon on I-90 @ MP 96.2
Thorp on I-90 @ MP101
Ellensburg I-90 @ MP 110
Ryegrass Summit on I-90 @ MP 126
I-90: Vantage
I-90 MP 138 Vantage Br. (View West)
I-90 MP 138 Vantage Br. (View East)
I-90 MP 144 Gorge Concert Exit
I-90 MP 164.5 (View East)
I-90 MP 189 Warden Exit
I-90/US 395 Interchange @ Ritzville (4)
I-90/US 395 Interchange @ Ritzville
I-90/US 395 Interchange @ Ritzville (2)
I-90/US 395 Interchange @ Ritzville (3)
I-90/US 395 Interchange @ Ritzville (5)
I-90/US 395 Interchange @ Ritzville (6)
I-90/US 395 Interchange @ Ritzville (7)
I-90/US 395 Interchange @ Ritzville (8)
Tyler Interchange on I-90 @ MP 257 (4)
Tyler Interchange on I-90 @ MP 257
Tyler Interchange on I-90 @ MP 257 (2)
Tyler Interchange on I-90 @ MP 257 (3)
Tyler Interchange on I-90 @ MP 257 (5)
Tyler Interchange on I-90 @ MP 257 (6)
Tyler Interchange on I-90 @ MP 257 (7)
Tyler Interchange on I-90 @ MP 257 (8)
I-90: Thomas Mallen Rd.
I-90: Geiger Rd.
I-90/US 2 Interchange
I-90: Finch Arboretum
I-90 and US 195
I-90: Jefferson
I-90: Division #1
I-90: Division #2
I-90: Arthur St
I-90: Hamilton St
I-90: Freya St
I-90: Havana
I-90: Fancher Rd
I-90: Sprague Ave
I-90: Broadway Ave
I-90: Park Rd
I-90: Argonne Rd
I-90: University
I-90: Pines Rd
I-90: Evergreen
I-90: Sullivan
I-90: Flora Rd
I-90: Barker Rd
I-90: Appleway Ave
I-90: Liberty Lake Rd
Liberty Lake on I-90 @ MP 296
Liberty Lake on I-90 @ MP 296 (2)
Liberty Lake on I-90 @ MP 296 (3)
Liberty Lake on I-90 @ MP 296 (4)
Liberty Lake on I-90 @ MP 296 (5)
Liberty Lake on I-90 @ MP 296 (6)
Liberty Lake on I-90 @ MP 296 (7)
Liberty Lake on I-90 @ MP 296 (8)
I-90: Harvard Rd
I-90: Starr Rd
I-90: Idaho Rd


Offers travel between Ellensburg, Yakima, Sunnyside and the Tri Cities (Richland, Kennewick, and Pasco) into Hermiston in Oregon.

Manastash Ridge Summit on I-82 @ MP 7
Selah Creek Rest Area on I-82 @ MP22.4
I-82 / US 12 Interchange @ N. Yakima
Valley Mall Blvd Interchange on I-82 @ MP 36
Union Gap on I-82
Zillah on I-82 @ MP 54
Outlook on I-82 @ MP 58
Prosser on I-82 @ MP 82
I-82 @ I-182
Horse Heaven Looking North on I-82@ MP 121.2
Horse Heaven Looking South on I-82 @ MP 121.2
Plymouth Port of Entry on I-82 @ MP131.5


I-182 is the primary route from I-82 into the Cities of Richland and Pasco of the Tri-Cities.

Jadwin Avenue on I-182 @ MP4.4
Road 100 on I-182 at MP 7.3
Road 68 on I-182 @ MP9.3

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Federal Highways

US 2

Travels between Everett and Spokane over Stevens Pass via Monroe, Wenatchee, Coulee City and Davenport.

I-5 / US 2 Interchange
US 2: Homeacres Rd
US 2: SR 204 Interchange
US 2: Ebey Slough
US 2: Bickford Ave
US 2: SR 9 Interchange
Fryelands Blvd/ Roosevelt Rd SE
US 2/SR 522
179th Ave SE
Kelsey St
Lewis St (SR 203)
Main St
US 2 at Old Owen Rd
US 2 at 5th St
US 2 at Sultan Basin Rd
US 2: Rice Rd
US 2: 5th St (Skykomish)
US 2 MP 62 Old Faithful Avalanche Zone
US 2 MP 63 Big Windy
US 2 MP 64.8 East Stevens Pass Summit
US 2 MP 64.5 West Stevens Pass - Ski Lodge
US 2 MP 70.5 Lower Mill Creek
US 2 MP 84 SR 207 Coles Corner looking West
US 2 MP 84 SR 207 Coles Corner looking East
US 2 MP 87 Winton
US 2 MP 99.9 Leavenworth
US 2 MP 101 E. Leavenworth
US 97 MP 185 Don Senn Memorial Interchange
US 2 MP 105 Don Senn Memorial Interchange
US 2/97 MP 119 (View South)
US 2/97 MP 127 E. End Odabashian Br.
US 2 MP 144.6 (View West)
US 2 MP 149 (View S.W.)
US 2 MP 193.4 Coulee City
I-90/US 2 Interchange
Fairchild looking East
Fairchild looking West
US2/Farwell Rd
NSC 395 & US 2

US 12

An east-west cross-state route that travels through many rural areas. From the west coast at Aberdeen travel southeast to Chehalis and Mossyrock, over White Pass through Yakima, the Tri Cities and Walla Walla then east to Clarkston and into Idaho.

US 12: Morton
White Pass Summit on US12 @ MP 150.9 - East
White Pass Summit on US12 @ MP 150.9 - West
White Pass Ski Area
US 12/SR 410 Junction @ MP185.5
US 12/SR 124 Junction @ MP 295
Nine Mile on US12 @ MP316.70
US 12: Myra Road
Delaney on US 12 @ MP 381.3
Alpowa Summit on US-12 @ MP 413

US 97

A north-south route through the center of the state including Chelan, Wenatchee, Leavenworth, Blewett Pass, Ellensburg, Yakima, Toppenish and Goldendale.

Satus Pass on US 97 @ MP 27
YakimaCountyLine US 97 @ MP 34
US 97 MP 164 Blewett Pass Summit
US 97 MP 185 Don Senn Memorial Interchange
US 2/97 MP 119 W. End Odabashian Br.
US 2/97 MP 127 E. End Odabashian Br.
US 97 MP 240 N. Chelan Falls
US 97 MP 299 Riverside
US 97MP 335 (View North)
US 97 MP 335 (View South)
US 97 MP 336.4 (View North)
US 97 MP 336.4 (View South)

US 97A

Runs the west side of the Columbia River between Chelan and Wenatchee.

US 97A MP 199.75 W. End Odabashian Br.
US 97A MP 226 (View North)

US 101

Begins at the Columbia across from Astoria, OR and continues north along the coast then loops around the edge of the Olympic Peninsula in NW Washington and ends in Olympia.

US 101: Astoria-Megler Bridge
Cosmopolis Hill on US-101 @ MP 78
State Camp Hill on US-101 @ MP 100.5
Queets on SR 101 @ MP 151.7
Queets on SR 101 @ MP 151.7
Heckelsville Shed on US 101 @ MP 214
Indian Valley on US 101 @ MP 237.2
Siebert on US 101 @ MP 256
Diamond Point on US 101 @ MP 275
Mt Walker, SR-101@ 301.5
Oyster Bay Rd. on SR 101 @ MP 359
US 101 @ Crosby Blvd

US 195

Runs from the Idaho state line north of Clarkston, then passes through Pullman and Colfax to connect to Interstate 90 in Spokane

US-195 @ Uniontown
US-195 @ Uniontown 2
US-195 @ Uniontown 3
US-195 @ Uniontown 4
US-195 @ Uniontown 5
US-195 @ Uniontown 6
US-195 @ Uniontown 7
US-195 @ Uniontown 8
US 195 - Colfax
US-195 @ Spangle 4
US-195 @ Spangle
US-195 @ Spangle 2
US-195 @ Spangle 3
US-195 @ Spangle 5
US-195 @ Spangle 6
US-195 @ Spangle 7
US-195 @ Spangle 8
US 195 @ White Rd
US 195 @ Hatch Rd
US 195 @ Meadowlane Rd.
US 195 @ Qualchin Rd
US 195: Cheney Spokane Rd
US 195: Inland Empire Way
US 195: Thorpe Rd
US 195: 16th Ave

US 395

A north-south route which travels from the Tri-Cities to the Canadian border via Ritzville, Spokane, Kettle Falls and Laurier.

Blue Bridge on US 395 @ MP 19
US395 & SR26 / Hatton Coulee
I-90/US 395 Interchange @ Ritzville
Little Spokane River on US 395 @ MP 168
Little Spokane River on US 395 @ MP 168 (2)
Little Spokane River on US 395 @ MP 168 (3)
Little Spokane River on US 395 @ MP 168 (4)
Little Spokane River on US 395 @ MP 168 (5)
Little Spokane River on US 395 @ MP 168 (6)
Little Spokane River on US 395 @ MP 168 (7)
Little Spokane River on US 395 @ MP 168 (8)
Loon Lake Summit on US-395 @ MP 188 (1)
Loon Lake Summit on US-395 @ MP 188 (2)
Loon Lake Summit on US-395 @ MP 188 (3)
Loon Lake Summit on US-395 @ MP 188 (4)
Loon Lake Summit on US-395 @ MP 188 (5)
Loon Lake Summit on US-395 @ MP 188 (6)
Loon Lake Summit on US-395 @ MP 188 (7)
Loon Lake Summit on US-395 @ MP 188 (8)
US 395 - Colville - Birch
US 395 - Colville - Canning
Laurier on US-395 @ MP 275 Position 5
Laurier on US-395 @ MP 275
Laurier on US-395 @ MP 275 Position 2
Laurier on US-395 @ MP 275 Position 3
Laurier on US-395 @ MP 275 Position 4
Laurier on US-395 @ MP 275 Position 6
Laurier on US-395 @ MP 275 Position 7
Laurier on US-395 @ MP 275 Position 8

US 395 NSC

NSC 395 & Freya
NSC 395 & Lincoln
NSC 395 & Gerlach
NSC 395 & Fairview
NSC 395 & Market
NSC 395 & Parksmith
NSC 395 & Farwell
NSC 395 & Shady Slope
NSC 395 & Perry
NSC 395 & Wandemere

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State Highways

SR 3

Starts near Shelton, heads northeast into Bremerton and Silverdale and ends at the Hood Canal Bridge.

SR 3 @ Christopherson
SR 3: Equestrian Dr Looking South
SR 3: Equestrian Dr Looking North
SR 3: Pioneer Hill Rd Looking South
SR 3: Pioneer Hill Rd Looking North
SR 3: Tytler Rd Looking South
SR 3: Tytler Rd Looking North
SR 3: Big Valley Rd Looking North
SR 3: Big Valley Rd Looking South
SR 3: Scenic Dr Looking North
SR 3: Scenic Dr Looking South
SR 3: Hard Rock Way Looking North
South of Hood Canal Bridge
SR 3: Hard Rock Way Looking South
SR 3: Bridge Way Looking North
SR 3: Bridge Way Looking South

SR 4

Travels east-west between Interstate 5 at Kelso and US 101 at Willapa Bay near the Pacific Ocean.

KM Mountain on SR 4 @ MP 22

SR 7

Connects US 12 in Morton to I-5 in Tacoma

SR 7: Morton
SR 7: Elbe Bridge

SR 8

Connects Olympia, Elma and Montesano.

Rock Candy Mountain on SR-8 @ MP 16.1

SR 9

Parallels I-5 and begins at the Canadian Border at Sumas, heads south to Mount Vernon and ends north of Bothell.

SR 522: SR 9
SR 9: 228th St SE
SR 9: SR 524
SR 9: 201st St SE
SR 9: 194th St SE
SR 9: 188th St SE
SR 9: 180th St SE
SR 9: 176th St SE
SR 9: 164th SE
SR 9: 152nd SE
SR 9: Cathcart Way
SR 9: Lowell-Larimer Rd
SR 9: 124th St SE
SR 9: Marsh Rd
SR 9: Harvey Field
32nd St SE
SR 9: SR 204
SR 9: Lundeen Pkwy
SR 9: Soper Hill Rd
SR 9: SR 92
84th St NE
SR 9: Sumas Ave
SR 9: Front St
SR 9: Johnson Creek
SR 9: Truck Spur

SR 14

Traverses the north side of the Washington border for two thirds of the state along the Columbia River between Vancouver to south of the Tri Cities.

SR 14: Grand Ave
SR 14 @ Blanford Dr MP 2.40
SR 14 @ Shorewood Dr MP 3.05
SR 14 at Lieser Rd
SR 14 West of I-205
SR 14 East of I-205
SR 14 @ Cascade Park MP 7.72
SR 14 164th Ave MP 8.52
SR 14: Quarry Rd
SR 14: 192nd Ave
SR 14: 192nd East
SR 14: Milepost 11.45
SR 14: 6th Ave
SR 14: Milepost 12.38
SR 14: Lady Island
SR 14: Union St
SR 14: 6th St
SR 14: CapeHorn
SR 14: Bridge of the Gods
SR 14: Hood River Bridge
SR 14: Dallesport

SR 16

From I-5 near Tacoma, over the Tacoma Narrows to Gig Harbor ending just south of Port Orchard.

SR 16: Spraque Ave
I-5 SB/SR 16 Interchange
SR 16: Union Ave
SR 16: Center St
SR 16: South 19th St
SR 16: Sixth Ave
SR 16/SR 163 Interchange (Pearl St)
Tacoma Narrows Bridge, Eastside
SR 16: Jackson
Tacoma Narrows Bridge, Westside
SR 16: Stone Dr
SR 16: 24th
SR 16: Toll Plaza
SR 16: 36th Street
SR 16: Olympic Drive
SR 16: Wollochet
SR 16 - Burnham Drive
SR 16 / SR 302

SR 17

Runs north-south beginning near north of Bridgeport, running south to Mesa.

SR 17 MP 28.38 SR 26
SR 17 MP 43.3 Moses Lake at I-90
SR 17 MP 53.2 Moses Lake at Wheeler Rd
SR 17 MP 54.7 Moses Lake at Stratford Rd
SR 17 MP 56.6 Moses Lake at Patton Blvd
SR 17 MP 75.4 Soap Lake
SR 17 MP 112 E. Mansfield

SR 18

Provides a way to travel between Interstate 5 and Interstate 90 while avoiding the Seattle metropolitan area. Connects to Interstate 5 at Federal Way, passes by Auburn and joins Interstate 90 just west of North Bend.

I-5 / SR 18 Interchange
SR 18: Weyerhaeuser Way
SR 18 @ I-5
42nd Ave S
Peasley Canyon Rd
SR 18: West Valley Hwy
SR 18: SR 167 Interchange
SR 18: C St
SR 18: Auburn Way
SR 516 at SR 18
206th Ave SE
SR 18: SE 231st St
SR 18: SR 169 Interchange
SE 221st St
SR 18: 244th Ave SE
236th Ave SE
SE 202nd St
SE 196th St
SR 18: Tiger Mountain
I-90 Interchange

SR 20

From US 101 on the Olympic Peninsula to Port Townsend. By ferry to SR 525 on Whidbey Island, up Whidbey to Anacortes, then crossing I-5 through Sedro Woolley and goes over Washington Pass, through Winthrop and Omak, to the Idaho border at Newport.

SR 20: SW Swantown Ave
SR 20: Pioneer Way
SR 20: E Whidbey Ave
SR 20: NE 7th Ave
SR 20: Midway Blvd
SR 20: NE 16th Ave
SR 20: Ault Field Rd
SR 20: Sharpes Corner (SR 20 Spur)
SR 20: Christianson Rd
SR 20: Thompson Rd
SR 20: Reservation Rd
SR 20 at SR 536
SR 20 at Avon Allen Rd
SR 20: Pulver Rd
SR 20: Garrett Rd
SR 20: Rio Vista Ave
SR 20: Avon Ave
SR 20 MP 192.5 Winthrop - Rader Rd
SR 20 MP 214.5 (View East)
Sherman Pass on SR-20 @ MP 320

SR 24

Runs from I-82 in Yakima to SR 26 in Othello

SR 24 @ SR 241 Pos 2
SR 24 @ SR 241
SR 24 @ SR 241 Pos 3
SR 24 @ SR 241 Pos 4
I-82/SR 24 Interchange @ Yakima

SR 26

SR 26: Othello @ SR 24 Junction

SR 28

Begins west of Quincy and runs east through Ephrata to Davenport.

SR 28B MP 3.02 at 9th Street NE
SR 28 Spur MP 4 at 5th St NE
SR 28 Spur at MP 0.32 looking North
SR 28 Spur at MP 0.32 looking South
SR 28 bypass at Grant Rd
SR 28 bypass at Riverview
SR 28 Spur at MP 0.78
SR 28 MP 25 Quincy Rest Area
SR 28 Junction SR 281 MP 29.77
SR 28 @ SR 282 (Ephrata)

SR 31

Metaline Falls on SR 31 @ MP 16.69

SR 96

3rd Ave SE
Dumas Rd
25th Ave SE
35th Ave SE
Seattle Hill Rd

SR 99

Parallels I-5 between Everett and Fife.

SR 99 at SR 516
SR 518: SR 99 Interchange
S 154th St
SR 99: SR 599 Interchange
S 102nd St
Des Moines Memorial Dr
S Cloverdale St
SR 99: W Marginal Way
S Holden St
SR 99: S Michigan St
SR 99: S Atlantic St
S King St, SB
SR 99: King St Northbound
Lincoln Wy
SR 525: SR 99 Interchange
Gibson Rd

SR 104

Connects US 101 to SR 3 on the Kitsap Peninsula.

SR 104: West of Hood Canal Bridge VMS West
SR 104: West of Hood Canal Bridge VMS East
SR 104: Climbing Hill Looking West
SR 104: Climbing Hill Looking East
Hood Canal Bridge Looking West
Hood Canal Bridge Looking East
SR 104: Wheeler St Looking West
SR 104: Wheeler St Looking East
SR 104 near 100th Ave W
N 205th St
Meridian Ave
19th Ave NE
SR 522: SR 104
35th Ave NE

SR 109

Pt. Grenville on SR 109 @ MP 36.5

SR 112

SR 112 @ Burnt Mt

SR 155

SR 155: SR 174 Grand Coulee

SR 161

Military Rd
19th Way S

SR 167

Connects to I-5 and I-405, passing through Kent and Auburn.

SR 167/SR 410 Interchange
SR 167: 24th St E
SR 167: 23rd St SW
SR 167: 15th St SW
W Main St
15th St NW
37th St NW
S 277th St
Green River
SR 167: Willis St
84th Ave S
4th Ave N
S 212th St
S 222nd St
S 194th St
S 180th St
S 28th Pl
I-405 Interchange
I-405/SR 167 Interchange

SR 169

Runs between Renton and Enumclaw, passing over Highway 18.

SE 276th St
SR 169 at SR 516
SE 240th St
Witte Rd SE
SE 231st St
I-405/SR 169 Interchange

SR 171

Travels through Moses Lake connecting I-90 to SR 17

SR 171 MP 2.9 Moses Lake

SR 172

Mansfield on SR-17 @ MP 112

SR 181

Strander Blvd
S 156th St
Grady Way

SR 202

NE 177th Pl
NE 175th St
SR 520 I/C
SR 202: E Lake Sammamish Pkwy
185th Ave NE
188th Ave NE
SR 202: 204th Ave NE
SR 202: Sahalee Way

SR 204

Connects Lake Stevens at SR 9 to US 2 near Everett.

US 2: SR 204 Interchange
Lundeen Pkwy

SR 221

Sellards Road-NB facing on SR 221 @ MP13.5
Sellards Road-SB facing on SR 221 @ MP13.5

SR 240

Beloit Road on SR 240 @ MP8.2
Twin Bridges on SR 240 @ MP25
Richland Wye on SR 240 @ MP 38
Edison St on SR 240 @ MP40.5
Blue Bridge Roundabout @ SR 240

SR 243

From SR 24 in Vernita through Mattawa to SR 26

SR 243 MP 14 @ Rd. 24 SW

SR 285

SR 285 MP 0.5 Wenatchee
SR 285 MP 0.6 Wenatchee
SR 285 MP 0.7 Wenatchee
SR 285 MP 4 N. Wenatchee Ave.

SR 290

SR 290 / Hamilton

SR 291

North of Spokane this highway travels east-west and connects US 2 / US 395 and SR 231.

Charles Road on SR-291 @ MP 9 Pos 4
Charles Road on SR-291 @ MP 9 Pos 1
Charles Road on SR-291 @ MP 9 Pos 2
Charles Road on SR-291 @ MP 9 Pos 3
Charles Road on SR-291 @ MP 9 Pos 5
Charles Road on SR-291 @ MP 9 Pos 6
Charles Road on SR-291 @ MP 9 Pos 7
Charles Road on SR-291 @ MP 9 Pos 8
SR291 & Swenson Rd.

SR 302

SR 302: SR 302 Spur - Purdy
SR 16 / SR 302

SR 305

Runs from Bainbridge Island Ferry Dock to SR 3 on Bainbridge Island

SR 305: Winslow Way South
SR 305: Winslow Way North
SR 305: High School Rd South
SR 305: High School Rd North

SR 410

This route travels between SR 167 in Sumner to US 12 northwest of Yakima and traverses the north side of Mount Rainier.

Whistlin Jacks on SR 410

SR 432

SR 432: Talley Way

SR 433

Originally built in 1929, this bridge spans the Columbia River from Longview, WA to Rainier, OR

Lewis and Clark Bridge on SR-433

SR 500

Connects to Interstate 5 at Vancouver, crosses over Interstate 205, and leads to Camas at SR 14.

SR 500: St Johns Blvd
SR 500: Burnt Bridge Creek
SR 500: Stapleton Rd
SR 500 @ Thurston Way
SR 500 @ 112th & Gher Rd.
SR 500: Fourth Plain Blvd (SR 503)
SR 500: 71st St

SR 502

SR502 @ I-5 NB off ramp
SR502 @ 10th Ave.

SR 503

SR 503 @ SR 500 Padden
SR 503: 99th St
SR 503: 119th St
SR 503: 149th St
SR 503: 154th St
SR 503: 179th St
SR 503: 199th Ave
SR 503: Scotton Way
SR 503: Main St

SR 504

Forest Learning Rest Area ©WSDOT

SR 509

SR 509 / I-705
S 96th St
S Cloverdale St

SR 512

Connects to I-5 at south Tacoma, runs to Puyallup.

I-5/SR 512 Interchange
SR 512: Steele St
SR 512 / SR 7 Interchange

SR 515

I-405 SB Ramps

SR 516

Runs east-west between Des Moines, through Covington and Highway 18, intersecting with SR 169.

I-5/SR 516 Interchange
SR 516: I-5 Interchange
Military Rd
SR 18 WB Ramps
168th Pl SE
SR 516 at SR 18
SE Wax Rd
185th Ave SE
192nd Ave SE

SR 518

S 154th St
Airport Dr
SR 518: SR 99 Interchange
42nd Ave S
46th Ave S
51st Ave S
EB Under I-5

SR 520

Runs between Seattle at I-5 and Redmond, across Lake Washington.

Delmar Dr E
20th Ave E
Montlake Blvd
SR 520: Foster Island
Montlake Ramp
Lake Washington Blvd Ramp
West Bridge
SR 520: Mid Bridge
SR 520: East Bridge
SR 520: East Highrise
Evergreen Pt Rd, WB Bus
Evergreen Pt Rd, WB
Evergreen Pt Rd, EB
Evergreen Pt Rd, EB Bus
Evergreen Pt Rd
80th Ave NE
84th Ave NE, WB
84th Ave NE, EB
87th Ave NE
89th Ave NE
SR 520: 84th Ave NE
SR 520: 88th Ave NE
92nd Ave NE, WB
SR 520: 92nd Ave NE
92nd Ave NE, EB
92nd Ave NE, Bus
96th Ave NE
97th Ave NE
100th Ave NE
SR 520: Bellevue Way NE (104th Ave NE)
108th Ave NE, N
108th ave NE, S
I-405 Interchange
124th Ave NE
126th Ave NE
130th Ave NE
140th Ave NE
148th Ave NE
NE 40th St
NE 51st St
SR 520: W Lk Sammamish Pkwy
W Lake Sammamish, EB Ramps
W Lake Sammamish, WB Ramps
Marymoor Park
Redmond Way

SR 522

From Monroe, through Bothell skirting the north end of Lake Washington along Bothell Way, which becomes Lake City Way and connects with I-5.

I-5 Ramps
Roosevelt Tunnel
NE 153rd St
SR 522: Ballinger Way (SR 104)
NE 165th St
61st Ave NE
SR 522 and 68th Ave Interchange
73rd Ave NE
77th Ct NE
80th Ave NE
83rd Pl NE
SR 522: S Campus Way
I-405: SR 522 Interchange NB
SR 522: SR 202
SR 522: SR 9
Paradise Lake Rd
SR 522: Echo Lake Rd
SR 522: Fales Rd

SR 525

Covers the southern half of Whidbey Island to the ferry between Clinton and Mukilteo and continues south to Lynnwood.

Alderwood Pkwy, NB Ramps
Alderwood Mall Pkwy
164th St SW
148th St SW
SR 525: SR 99 Interchange
Beverly Park Rd
Harbour Pt Bvd S
Chennault Bch Rd
Harbour Pt Bvd N
Paine Field Blvd
76th St SW (south)
76th St SW (north)
Clover Ln
SR 525: 5th St

SR 526

Runs south of Everett from SR 525 in Mukilteo and connects to I-5.

SR 526: Evergreen Way
I-5/SR 526 Interchange

SR 527

Connects Everett, Mill Creek and Bothell, paralleling I-5.

I-405/SR 527 Interchange
SR 527: 164th St SE
153rd St SE
Trillium Blvd
SR 527: 132nd St SE / SR 96
121st St SE
116th St SE
112th St SE

SR 529

SR 529: Snohomish River South
SR 529: Snohomish River North

SR 531

SR 531: 27th Ave NE
SR 531: Smokey Point Blvd
SR 531: 43rd Ave NE
SR 531: 51st Ave. NE
SR 531: 59th Ave. NE
SR 531: 67th Ave. NE

SR 532

SR 532: Sunrise Blvd
SR 532: Stillaguamish River
SR 532: 102nd Ave NW
SR 532: 92nd Ave NW
SR 532: 88th Ave NW
SR 532: Pioneer Hwy
SR 532: 72nd Ave NW
64th Ave NW

SR 536

SR 536: Avon Allen Rd

SR 538

I-5: College Way NB Ramps

SR 539

Runs from the Canadian border south to I-5 near Bellingham.

SR 539: I-5 NB Ramps
Kelly Rd
Smith Rd
Axton Rd
Laurel Rd
Ten Mile Rd
Pole Rd
Wiser Lake (North)
River Rd
Birch Bay - Lynden Rd
Front St
Main St
Badger Rd
SR 539: H St Rd
SR 539: Canadian Border

SR 543

Connects from I-5 in Blaine, WA to Hwy 15 in Canada. Border crossing for all busses and commercial vehicles.

SR 543: Boblett St
SR 543: H St
SR 543: D St
SR 543: Duty Free
SR 543: Truck Spur

SR 599

Connects I-5 to SR 99, just south of SeaTac.

I-5: SR 599 Interchange
S 133rd St
E Marginal Way
Metro Bus Base

SR 900

North of Tukwila, connects I-5 and I-405.

Boeing Access Rd
I-90/SR 900 Interchange
Newport Way
Maple St
Gilman Blvd

SR 904

Connects Cheney to Interstate 90 near Spokane.

Tyler Interchange on I-90 @ MP 257
Tyler Interchange on I-90 @ MP 257 (2)
Tyler Interchange on I-90 @ MP 257 (3)
Tyler Interchange on I-90 @ MP 257 (4)
Tyler Interchange on I-90 @ MP 257 (5)
Tyler Interchange on I-90 @ MP 257 (6)
Tyler Interchange on I-90 @ MP 257 (7)
Tyler Interchange on I-90 @ MP 257 (8)

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Other Cameras

US - Canadian Border

Loomis Trail Rd
I-5 @ W 88th St
I-5 at Peace Portal Dr
I-5 at SR 543
I-5 at Mitchell Ave
I-5 at D St Offramp
I-5 at D St
I-5 @ Peace Arch
SR 539 at Pole Rd
SR 539 at River Rd
SR 539 at Badger Rd
SR 539 at Border
SR 543 at Boblett St
SR 543 at H St
SR 543 at D St
SR 543 at Duty Free
SR 543 at Truck Spur
SR 9 at Front St
US 97 Border Approach-Oroville - North
US 97 Border Approach-Oroville - South
US 97 Border-Oroville - North
US 97 Border-Oroville - South


WSF Lopez Ferry Holding
WSF Lopez Ferry Approach
Clinton Dock
Clinton W SR 525
Clinton E SR 525
Clinton Uphill
WSF Clinton Terminal
WSF Bainbridge Ferry Holding
SR 305: Winslow Way South
SR 305: High School Rd South
SR 305: Winslow Way North
SR 305: High School Rd North
WSF Friday Harbor Ferry Holding
WSF Friday Harbor Upper Holding
Orcas Ferry Holding
Orcas Ferry Booth
WSF Anacortes Ferry Terminal
WSF Anacortes Ferry Holding
WSF Anacortes Ferry Terminal Rd
WSF Bainbridge Ferry Holding (Seattle)
WSF Bremerton Holding South
WSF Bremerton Holding North
WSF Coupeville Terminal
WSF Coupeville Street
WSF Edmonds VMS Sign
WSF Edmonds Underpass
WSF Edmonds Pine
WSF Edmonds W Dayton St
WSF Edmonds Holding
WSF Fauntleroy Ferry Holding
Fauntleroy Way looking North
Trenton St looking North
Fauntleroy Way and Cloverdale St.
Lincoln Park looking North
WSF Kingston Terminal
WSF Kingston Barber
WSF Kingston Ferry Sign East
WSF Kingston Ferry Sign West
SR 525: 5th St
WSF Mukilteo South Holding
WSF Mukilteo North Holding
WSF Mukilteo Clover Ln
WSF Mukilteo N 525 at 76th
WSF Mukilteo S 525 at 76th
WSF Port Townsend Terminal
WSF Port Townsend Street
WSF Port Townsend SR 20 / Water St
WSF Southworth Ferry Holding
WSF Southworth Ferry Terminal
WSF Tahlequah Ferry Holding
WSF Tahlequah @ SW Tahlequah Rd
WSF Vashon Ferry Holding (South)
WSF Vashon Hwy & 112th (South)
WSF Vashon Hwy & 112th (North)
WSF Vashon Hwy & Bunker (South)
WSF Vashon Hwy & Bunker (North)

City & County Cams

Mount St. Helens
Stevenson City Camera
Pullman (SEL)
Walla Walla-Whitman College
Mt. Rainier
College @ Martin Way (Lacey)
Plum @ Union (Olympia)
Sleater-Kinney @ Martin Way (Olympia)
Douglas County: Eastmont Ave
2nd / Monroe (Spokane)
2nd / Browne (Spokane)
3rd / Maple (Spokane)
3rd / Washington (Spokane)


Arlington Airport Northwest
Arlington Airport North
Arlington Airport South
Arlington Airport West
Chehalis Airport cam 1
Davenport Airport - East
Davenport Airport - West
Davenport Airport - North
Davenport Airport - South
Harvey Airfield(Snohomish)
Olympia Airport South Runway
Olympia Airport South
Olympia Airport South Southwest
Olympia Airport Southwest
Skykomish Airport East
Skykomish Airport South
Skykomish Airport SouthEast
Skykomish Airport West
Walla Walla Airport Southwest
Walla Walla Airport West
Walla Walla Airport North
Walla Walla Airport East
Port Townsend Airport

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