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US 2
US 2 Both Directions - Thursday, Aug. 27, to Sunday, Sept. 6 – The Evergreen State Fair that begins at 10 a.m. daily at Evergreen State Fairgrounds will cause additional congestion on highways leading into Monroe, including US 2, SR 203 and SR 522.
Last Updated: 8/24/2015 11:52 AM
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SR 520
SR 520 Both Directions - Monday, Aug. 30 – A Sublime concert that begins at 5:30 p.m. at Marymoor Park will cause additional congestion on highways leading into Redmond, including SR 202 and SR 520.
Last Updated: 8/17/2015 3:51 PM
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I-90 Both Directions - I-90 Snoqualmie Pass rock blasting closures scheduled Monday Aug. 31 through Wednesday Sept. 2, beginning at 7 p.m. and lasting one hour or more. During blasting closures crews will close I-90 both directions between Gold Creek (milepost 56) to Price Creek (milepost 61). During closures there are no services eastbound past milepost 53, near the summit, and westbound past milepost 70, near Easton.
Last Updated: 8/28/2015 7:33 PM
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US 2
US 2 Both Directions - The City of Monroe will conduct traffic control operations on both directions of US 2 at the Cascade View Drive intersection for the Snohomish County Evergreen State Fair. This traffic control will take place from Thursday, August 27 through Monday, September 7 2015. Drivers should expect heavy congestion on SR 522, SR 203 and US 2 in the vicinity of the fairgrounds.
Last Updated: 8/27/2015 11:44 AM
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SR 285
SR 285 Southbound - On the SR 285 Couplet - Chelan Avenue - Monday through Thursday, 7 p.m. to 7 a.m., expect Single Lane Closures at 8 p.m. and Multi-lane closures at 9 p.m. where crews are Raising utility covers and spraying an asphalt sealer on the parking lane.
Last Updated: 8/21/2015 3:11 PM
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SR 281
SR 281 Both Directions - on SR 281 at Road 9 NW, Tuesday through Thursday, 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., expect lane shifts but no closures so two way traffic is maintained as crews construct the widening on the west side of the highway.
Last Updated: 8/20/2015 9:14 AM
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I-90 Both Directions - I-90 Snoqualmie Pass milepost 56 to 61: Nighttime: Traffic will be reduced to a single lane both directions Monday through Wednesday nights. Motorists may experience added travel time and delay. Daytime: Monday through Wednesday, drivers should prepare for intermittent rolling slowdowns and possible added travel time in both directions. I-90 is closed to bicycles between the Hyak interchange (Exit 54) and Stampede Pass interchange (exit 62) due to no shoulder to use.
Last Updated: 8/29/2015 7:29 AM
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I-90 Both Directions - I-90 milepost 62 to 69 both directions: Travelers will encounter night time lane closures Monday through Wednesday. Minimal delays are anticipated. Drivers should be aware of traffic revisions.
Last Updated: 8/29/2015 7:26 AM
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