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US 2
US 2 Westbound - Update 9:38 AM : On the US 2 westbound on-ramp from Home Acres Rd (MP 1) there is a disabled vehicle partially blocking the ramp. The State Patrol has arrived on the scene.
Last Updated: 3/17/2018 9:39 AM
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I-5 Northbound - Road work on I-5 northbound from milepost 129.6 near 72nd St S-74th St S to milepost 130.7 near 56th St S beginning at 5:54 am on March 17, 2018 until about 10:00 am.
Last Updated: 3/17/2018 9:01 AM
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I-5 Southbound - Road work on I-5 southbound from milepost 115 near Nisqually River Bridge North-End to milepost 114 near Mcallister Creek beginning at 6:27 am on March 17, 2018 until about 11:00 am.
Last Updated: 3/17/2018 6:29 AM
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SR 105
SR 105 Both Directions - Beginning Monday, Sept. 18, until further notice: A single lane of the highway is closed between Eagle Hill Road and Panoramic Lane, around-the-clock, for erosion protection work.
NOTE: The speed limit has been reduced to 25 mph through this area.
Last Updated: 11/21/2017 2:12 PM
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I-405 Southbound - On the I-405 southbound off-ramp to SR 167 (MP 2) the ramp is closed due to roadwork.
Last Updated: 3/17/2018 9:02 AM
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I-90 Both Directions - Flammable cargo is prohibited on I-90 eastbound & westbound from Rainier Ave (MP 3) to 76th Ave SE (MP 7).
Last Updated: 3/5/2018 9:50 AM
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SR 8
SR 8 Both Directions - SR 8 in the McCleary area is reduced to one lane in each direction around the clock until summer 2019 for a fish barrier removal project. The speed limit is also reduced from 60 mph to 45 mph. Check the project web page for additional information.
Last Updated: 8/7/2017 11:35 AM
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SR 108
SR 108 Both Directions - The intersection of SR 8 and SR 108 in McCleary is closed to all traffic around the clock through summer 2019. During the closure, drivers will be directed to the Mox Chehalis Road interchange. Check the project web page for additional information.
Last Updated: 3/31/2017 7:35 AM
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