Vancouver Area Traffic Cameras

Traveler Notice

Bi-state travel times let you decide the best route
New Travel Time Signs will help you decide which route to take when traffic backs up on both sides of the Columbia River.

Longview / Kelso
I-5: SR-14
I-5: Mill Plain Blvd
I-5: 29th
I-5: Main St
I-5: 63rd
I-5: 86th
I-5: Salmon Creek
I-5: 134th
I-5 at Elligsen Road
I-5 at Norwood
I-5 at I-205
I-5 at Nyberg
I-5 at Lower Boones Road
I-5 at Carman Dr.
I-5 at ORE 217
I-5 at Haines
I-5 at ORE 99W-Barbur Blvd.
I-5 at Capitol
I-5 at Brier Place
I-5 at Terwilliger
I-5 at Miles
ORE99W at Bertha
I-5 at Macadam
I-5 at I-405 Natio Parkway
I-5 at Morrison
I-5 at Fremont Bridge
I-5 at Fremont
I-5 at Going
I-5 at Rosa Parks Way
I-5 at Lombard
I-5 at Columbia
I-5 at Victory
I-5 at Marine Dr.
I-5 at Interstate Bridge SB, south end
I-205 at Stafford Rd.
I-205 at 99E
I-205 at Gladstone
I-205 at ORE 212-224
I-205 at Lawnfield
I-205 at Sunnyside
I-205 at Johnson Cr.
I-205 at 92nd
I-205 at Foster
I-205 at Powell
I-205 at Stark
I-205 at Prescott St.
I-205 at Killingsworth
I-205 at Airport Way
I-205 at Government Island
I-205 @ SR-14
I-205 @ Mill Plain
I-205 @ 18th St
I-205 @ SR 500
I-205: 58th St
I-205 @ 78th St
I-205 @ Padden
I-205: Salmon Creek
I-205: 134th St Looking South
I-205: 139th St
I-405 at Everett
I-405 at Montgomery
I-405 at Fourth
I-84 at Grand
I-84 at Metro Bldg
I-84 at Lloyd Blvd.
I-84 at 28th
I-84 at 37th
I-84 at 53rd
I-84 at 67th
I-84 at 82nd
I-84 at I-205
I-84 at Halsey-Lower
I-84 at 102nd
I-84 at 105th
US 26 at East Vista Ridge Tunnel
US 26 at ORE 217
US 26 at Ross Island Bridge
US 26 at Milwaukie
SR 14: Grand Ave
SR 14 @ Blanford Dr MP 2.40
SR 14 @ Shorewood Dr MP 3.05
SR 14 at  Lieser Rd
SR 14 West of I-205
SR 14 East of I-205
SR 14 @ Cascade Park MP 7.72
SR 14 164th Ave MP 8.52
SR 500: St Johns Blvd
SR 500: Burnt Bridge Creek
SR 500: Stapleton Rd
SR 500 @ Thurston Way
SR 500 @ 112th & Gher Rd.
SR 500: Fourth Plain Blvd (SR 503)
ORE 217 at ORE 99W
ORE 217 at Denney
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