I-90 - Geiger Interchange Improvements

Project news

This project is currently in the traffic analysis phase. During this phase, different alternatives will be considered and a preferred option will be selected based on the needs of the interchange identified in the analysis. Construction is funded in the "Connecting Washington" package. WSDOT plans to advertise this project for construction bids in late 2019.

I-90 - Sprague Ave I/C to Argonne Rd I/C - PCCP Rehabilitation - Grinding

Project news

Advertisement date is currently scheduled for March 25, 2019.

US 2 - Colbert Rd to Westwood Rd - Paving

Project news

The project was awarded to Inland Asphalt Co. on February 25.

Needs & benefits

This project is located on US 2 between MP 299.74 and 306.01 in Spokane County. This project involves bridge deck repair, hot mix asphalt, grinding and paving. It also includes the installation of guardrails and rumble strips. 

This project will rehabilitate the existing pavement to preserve the pavement structure while achieving the lowest life cycle for pavement service life.

US 2 - Division Wye to Farwell Rd - Paving

Project news

Located on US 2 (N. Newport Hwy) within the city of Spokane and Spokane County, this pavement rehabilitation project begins at the Division Wye and extends to Farwell Road. Grinding and paving almost two inches of hot mix asphalt is intended to preserve the pavement structure below and provide a newer, smoother ride.

The project extends through five signalized intersections:

US 2 - Hayford Road to Deer Heights Road - Median Channelization

Project news

The project is currently on ad. Opening bid has been revised to March 13. The center two-way, left-turn lane in the vicinity of the project will be closed for the duration of the project. Expect single lane closures and access impacts between the hours of 7 p.m. and 6 a.m.

Needs & benefits

Revises the channelization and illumination near Hazelwood Road in Airway Heights.


Work is expected to begin in early April and last through early summer 2019.


Pre-Existing Funds (PEF) - $329,706

US 195 - Thorpe Rd Intersection Improvements

Project news

This project has been awarded to Shamrock Paving, Inc.

Needs & benefits

This project is located on US 195 between MP 94.44 and 95.44 in Spokane County. The project will involve hot mix asphalt paving, illumination, and guardrail improvements. This project will also be constructing a new feature for our area called "J-Turns".

I-90 - US 2 Garden Springs to Broadway Ave - Ramp Meters

Project news

Traffic may soon move a little more smoothly around Spokane with the help of a new ramp meter that will manage the flow of vehicles merging onto I-90. Currently, one ramp meter is installed as drivers head north on US 195 and merge onto eastbound I-90. Five new ramp meters are set to go to ad fall 2019. Construction is expected in 2020. Locations for eastbound I-90 ramp meters include:

US 395 - North Spokane Corridor - BNSF 2nd Railroad Realignment

Project news

This is the second project in the realignment of the BNSF railroad track. The first realignment was completed late fall of 2015. Bids are expected late February to early March.

Needs & benefits

This project will realign the BNSF railroad tracks in north Spokane for the future US 395 highway. This project includes constructing two railroad structures, retaining walls, roadway excavation and embankment, paving with hot mix asphalt, placing curbing and sidewalk.

I-90 - Barker Road intersection improvements

Project news

The Barker interchange project is located east of downtown Spokane. This project will reconstruct and improve the interchanges, of I-90 and Barker Road, at both the north and south terminals. The project is in the planning phase and will go to ad in the spring of 2020.

WSDOT to present options designed to improve safety at US 2 Colbert Road intersection north of Spokane

Public meeting helps community and WSDOT connect on US 2/Colbert Road issues north of Spokane

Washington State Department of Transportation to be the first statewide agency to host an artist-in-residence

Just like any good recipe, early prep is key for Thanksgiving weekend traffic

US 195 - Ramp Meter

Project news

Traffic may soon move a little more smoothly west of Spokane with the help of a new ramp meter that will manage the flow of vehicles merging onto eastbound I-90 from US 195.

The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) will activate a new ramp meter at this interchange where traffic routinely slows to a crawl during the morning and afternoon commutes and is prone to collisions and “close calls”.  WSDOT plans to activate the new ramp meter at this interchange in the spring.

Danekas Road overpass above I-90 near Ritzville reopens ahead of schedule