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Commercial Vehicle Restrictions

Oversize/Overweight Restrictions
SR 522, MP: 20.50 to 20.82, Direction: Both
Date Updated:4/15/2014 2:56 PM
Date Effective:12/21/2004 12:00 AM
Date Expires:12/31/2011 12:00 AM
Vehicle type:n/
Commercial Vehicle:Y
Detour availability:Y
Permanent restriction:Y
Exceptions allowed:Y
Name: SR 522 Snohomish River bridge 522/138
Description: SR 522 WB and EB, 14'6" wide restriction
Loads exceeding 14'6" wide require WSP escort to cross SR 522 @ MP 20.50 to MP 20.82 bridge. WSP to provide a rolling slowdown of the opposing lane to prevent opposing traffic on the bridge while crossing. In addition, all loads exceeding 14'6" require 1 front pilot, 1 rear pilot. *WSDOT Does Not Guarantee Height Clearances*
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