Canadian Border Traffic

Canadian Border Traffic Front St Badger Rd Border - camera is pointing south H St Rd Boblett St H St D St Duty Free Truck Spur Loomis Trail Rd W 88th St Mitchell Ave Peace Arch - camera is pointing north "D" St "D" St Offramp Peace Portal Dr I-5 / SR 543 Interchange Truck Spur Johnson Creek Bellingham Camera Map BCMOT Southbound Wait Times and Cameras NEXUS information for Washington State and British Columbia FAST: Free and Secure Trade Program I-5 NB at Loomis Trail Rd
Northbound Border Wait Times
8:25 P.M. Monday, July 27, 2015
I-5 General Purpose 15 Min
I-5 Nexus Less Than 5 Min
SR 543 General Purpose 25 Min
SR 543 Nexus Less Than 5 Min
SR 543 Trucks No Info
SR 543 Trucks FAST No Info
SR 539 General Purpose Less Than 5 Min
SR 9 General Purpose 10 Min
SR 9 Nexus Closed