Oak Harbor Washington Cameras

Oak Harbor Alerts

As of 2/21/2018 3:38 AM
Blocking Incidents
  • None reported
Construction Closures
  • Monday, Feb. 19 through Friday, Feb. 23 - Crews will begin installing signs, traffic sensing cameras and doing some preliminary work in advance of ADA sidewalk improvements. This should be primarily shoulder work.
Special Events
  • None reported
Mt Vernon
SR 20: SW Swantown Ave
SR 20: Pioneer Way
SR 20: E Whidbey Ave
SR 20: NE 7th Ave
SR 20: Midway Blvd
SR 20: NE 16th Ave
SR 20: Ault Field Rd
SR 20: Sharpes Corner (SR 20 Spur)
SR 20: Christianson Rd
SR 20: Thompson Rd
SR 20: Reservation Rd
SR 20: La Conner-Whitney Rd
WSF Anacortes Ferry Terminal
WSF Anacortes Ferry Holding
WSF Anacortes Ferry Terminal Rd
WSF Coupeville Terminal
WSF Coupeville Street
Mount Vernon