Hood Canal Bridge Area Traffic Alerts and Cameras

Traveler Notice

Hood Canal Bridge Notice
No additional extended closures to vehicles related to construction are anticipated. Drivers can expect typical closures to vehicles related to boat traffic.

Additional information about the Hood Canal Bridge is located on the Common Questions web page.

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Hood Canal Alerts

As of 10/9/2015 11:58 PM

Blocking Incidents
  • None reported
Construction Closures
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Special Events
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Hood Canal Bridge Mt Walker, SR-101@ 301.5 3 SR 104 - Climbing Hill East SR 104 - Climbing Hill West SR 104 - West of Hood Canal Bridge SR 104 - Wheeler St East SR 104 - Wheeler St West SR 3 - Big Valley Rd North SR 3 - Big Valley Rd South SR 3 - Bridge Way North SR 3 - Bridge Way South SR 3 - Christopherson SR 3 - Equestrian Dr North SR 3 - Equestrian Dr South SR 3 - Hard Rock Way North SR 3 - Hard Rock Way South SR 3 - Pioneer Hill Rd North SR 3 - Pioneer Hill Rd South SR 3 - Scenic Drive North SR 3 - Scenic Drive South SR 3 - South of Hood Canal Bridge SR 3 - Tytler Rd North SR 3 - Tytler Rd South

Scheduled Openings

Hood Canal Bridge operations have returned to normal. By law, WSDOT is required to open the Hood Canal Bridge drawspan to mariners within one hour’s notice, and motorists are advised to expect up to 60-minute delays with each opening. If no drawspan openings are listed immediately below, no non-military drawspan openings are scheduled.

Listed openings are for commercial and pleasure craft only