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iPhone, iPad or Android users

A WSDOT App is now available! Just search for the term "WSDOT" in the iOS App Store or Android Market to download the WSDOT application to get this same great information on your phone.

Inrix Mobile Traffic


Seattle Freeways for iPhone

TrafficLoupe for iPhone

WSDOT Mobile Site

Windows Phone 7

Blackberry users

Just type in http://wsdot.wa.gov/small/ into your mobile device to get the latest traffic info.


Webflow is a WSDOT developed application that displays traffic maps, cameras, variable message signs, ramp meters, and incident messages. The program is an "all in one" that displays nearly all the data that WSDOT is collecting for traffic management. WebFlow virtually mirrors the system used by WSDOT traffic engineers to manage traffic flows from Bellingham to Vancouver Washington.

Webflow for your PC