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I-90 Eastbound - I-90 EB reduced to 2 right lanes from Hamilton St Exit MP 282 to Altamont MP 283 due to road work in Spokane. Motorists can expect delays especially during peak travel times. Last Updated: 5/21/2017 4:15 PM More Info
From milepost 281 to milepost 283
I-90 Eastbound - Effective immediately EB I-90 from Hamilton St exit MP 282 to Altamont MP 283 No loads over 14'5” high due to construction. Detour route for loads exceeding 14'5" high: Take EB I-90 Off-ramp Exit 281, north to 3rd Ave, go east on 3rd Ave. Must contact City of Spokane at 509-625-6300 prior to travel through city. Last Updated: 5/22/2017 1:31 PM More Info
From milepost 282 to milepost 283
I-90 Both Directions - ON I-90 between George and Moses Lake Monday through Wednesday, 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., eastbound and Thursday, westbound, expect single lane, partial ramp, and shoulder closures. No slow downs or delays anticipated. Last Updated: 5/19/2017 3:52 PM More Info
From milepost 149 to milepost 189
I-90 Eastbound - Altamont exit closed on I-90 EB at MP 283 due to road construction in Spokane until about May 26th. Motorists should use other routes. Last Updated: 5/10/2017 3:17 PM More Info
At milepost 283