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Winter Equipment

Kodiak Snow Blower
used primarily in the mountain pass area's.  They are designed to cut and remove large volumes of snow and blow or cast the snow away from the roadway. 
A Tandem Plow with a V-Box Hopper  for applying solid de-icers.  Some of the plows are equipped with (500-1,000) gallon tanks for applying liquid de-icers and some are combination trucks that can apply both solid and liquid de-icers. 
Highway Road Grader
these units are multipurpose.  During the winter months they are used in the mountain passes to assist with snow removal.  In the spring and summer months they are used for highway roadside repair and maintenance.   

A 3,000 gallon Tanker Truck used to apply liquid de-icers in the winter.  These tankers are multipurpose units and are typically used as street flushers and liquid material haulers in the spring and summer months.