Construction - Download GSPs

The WSDOT General Special Provisions (GSPs) and Amendments are available to download to your PC via FTP site at the links below.

These files are always up-to-date and contain the latest updates. WARNING: Delete all temporary internet files to ensure you are viewing the latest updates to the following locations. For any other questions, please call the Mats Lab Help Desk at 360-709-5454.


WSDOT GSPs & Amendments

WSDOT Indexes

Manually Update PS&E Word Program Files (Non-WSDOT Users)

Sometimes there is a delay in updates vs. program updates (typically due to updates that occur between quarterly packages) - in these instances, you can manually update your program files by copying everything located in the "WSDOT GSPs & Amendments" link to your  C:/pse/gsps folder, and copying everything located in the "WSDOT Indexes" link to your C:/pse/index folder. (Note: These are the default file locations - if you modified the program, then place the files in the correct folder locations.)