Materials Lab - Pavement Design

Pavement Design ensures that highway pavements are properly designed by providing the oversight, expertise and design tools required for pavement design.  All Pavement Design Requirements are included in the WSDOT Pavement Policy (pdf 1.87 mb).

Pavement Design Oversight
Most pavement designs produced by WSDOT originate in one of the six Regions.  HQ Pavement Design ensures that the Region's pavement designs comply with WSDOT's Pavement Policy (pdf 1.87 mb), are cost effective and constructible.

Specialized Designs
HQ Pavement Design supports the Regions by preparing specialized or complex pavement designs.

Pavement Type Selection
HQ Pavement Design provides technical assistance and oversight of the pavement type selection process (asphalt versus concrete) and other pavement investment decisions.

Falling Weight Deflectometer
The Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD) is a non-destructive testing device used to complete structural testing for pavement rehabilitation projects, research, and pavement structure failure detection.  HQ Pavement Design provides FWD testing services throughout the state.

Superload Analysis
HQ Pavement Design provides assistance to WSDOT's Commercial Vehicle Services Office (CVS) by analyzing the impact of superloads over 300,000 pounds to highway pavement structures.