Materials Lab - Pavement Notebook

The Pavement Notebook is a series of reports about the performance of the Washington State pavement network.  The reports are designed to be informative and accessible to the Governor, Legislators and the public.  If you have questions or comments, or are interested in more detailed data or data in other formats, please contact the WSPMS Administrator at (360) 709-5473 or

Pavement Asset Management (pdf 2,723 kb)
Pavement Management is a systematic approach to providing, evaluating, and maintaining pavement assets requiring decision making at strategic, network and project levels. Successful Pavement Management has two fundamental characteristics. The first is strong communication between decision makers at different decision levels. The second is a robust Pavement Management System. WSDOT has a long history of Pavement Management and is considered a national leader in both of these respects. The purpose of this document is to provide an informative overview of Pavement Management at WSDOT.
Last Updated: 2/8/2016

Economic Evaluation of Pavement Management Decisions (pdf 750 kb)
WSDOT was an early pioneer in the implementation of pavement management and the establishment of a computerized pavement management system. WSDOT performs a Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) for all new pavement structures, and existing pavements requiring reconstruction using a 50-year analysis period to consider all maintenance and/or rehabilitation activities anticipated over the analysis period. The focus of this paper is the economic evaluation of pavement management decisions made in year-to-year operations, which are based on analyses at the performance period level. The information provided by the economic performance measures are shown to be critical for the efficient planning, prioritizing, and programming of pavement asset management activities.
Last Updated: 2/10/2015  

TRB 14-2716 - Modeling and Analyzing Budget Constrained Pavement Preservation Strategies (TRB Publication Index)
The Washington State Pavement Management System (WSPMS) has a long and well known history of describing network condition, predicting necessary rehabilitation, and guiding the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) to the best possible value for pavements meeting an acceptable Level of Service (LOS). This paper provides an overview of (a) the new WSPMS tool to create forecasts, (b) the forecast process, and (c) the performance measures the WSPMS presents users to analyze the results of a forecast. Finally, several funding scenarios are compared and a specific prioritization methodology is recommended for the severely constrained WSDOT preservation budget.
Last Updated: 1/2/2014

2012 Statewide Pavement Performance (pdf 969 kb)
A report detailing the overall condition of the Washington State Routes, as categorized from Very Good to Very Poor, and based on data collected from July through October 2012. Information about general condition is provided in groups by Surface Type, Region, County and Legislative District.
Last Updated: 8/21/2013 

WSDOT Surface Type Summary (2014) (pdf 467 kb)
A series of charts and tables summarizing highway miles, lane miles and annual vehicle miles traveled (AVMT) for each surface type, as based on the State Highway Log.
Last Updated: 1/26/2016

Previous Versions:
WSDOT Surface Type Summary (2013) (pdf 443 kb)
WSDOT Surface Type Summary (2012) (pdf 421 kb)
WSDOT Surface Type Summary (2011) (pdf 435 kb)

WSDOT Preservation Miles Paved by Year (2015) (pdf 321 kb)
A chart containing the lane miles paved, or projected to be paved, by project type - asphalt (ACP), chip seal (BST) and concrete (PCCP) - from 2001 through 2013.
Last Updated: 9/21/2015

Previous Versions:
WSDOT Preservation Miles Paved by Year (2014) (pdf 321kb)
WSDOT Preservation Miles Paved by Year (2013 Update) (pdf 320kb)
WSDOT Preservation Miles Paved by Year - 2012 Update (pdf 334kb)
WSDOT Preservation Miles Paved by Year - 2011 Update (pdf 330 kb)