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Design Support

Assistant State Design Engineers
The Assistant State Design Engineer (ASDE) and the Design Liaisons, located in the Development Division at Headquarters, provide safe, dependable, strategically balanced guidance, direction and approval of WSDOT's design documentation, standards and policies. 

Design Policy / Guidance
Design Manual
Project Delivery Memos
Design Bulletins
Design Instructions - BCT Replacement Projects (pdf, 156kb)
Roadside Safety
Guidance Documents - Information on WSDOT's Practical Design Procedures (pdf, 2.69mb)

Documentation Tools and Templates
Basis of Design Form - September 2017 (docx, 31kb)
Basis of Design Instructions - September 2017 (docx, 66kb)
Basis of Design Example (pdf, 414kb)
Design Parameters - September 2017 (xlsx, 33kb)
Alternatives Comparison Table - September 2017 (xlsm, 18kb)
Context and Modal Accommodation Report (docx, 204kb) 
Context and Modal Accommodation Report Learner's Guide (pdf, 784kb)
Clear Zone inventory form 410-026EF (pdf, 226kb)
Clear Zone inventory form (word document) (docx, 57kb)
Clear Zone inventory alternative spreadsheet (xlsx, 21kb)

Design Analysis
Design Analysis template (docx, 31kb)
Design Analysis example (pdf, 1.6kb)
FHWA's mitigation strategies for design exceptions (pdf, 8.37mb)

Sustainable Highway Safety Tools
Safety Analyst Toolset
ISATe for freeways and interchanges version V06j (xls 1.94 mb)
ISATe for freeways and interchanges version V06j cleared (xls 1.93 mb)
Safety Analysis Guide (pdf 902 kb)

Design Documentation Package
Design Bid Build Projects
Project Description Memos
Design Approval Memo (docx, 17kb)
Project Development Approval Memo (docx, 18kb)

Design Documentation Checklist (DDP) (docx, 27kb)
Project File Checklist (PF) (docx, 21kb)

Proprietary Item use
Current Blanket Proprietary Certifications
Plans Preparation Manual 700.01(5)
Proprietary Item

FHWA Proprietary Item Database
2015 Stewardship Agreement (pdf 907kb)

Design Documentation Training (4.54mb)
Engineering Training Tool (xlsm, 771kb)

Buy America Memorandum - January 2016 (pdf, 1.3mb)
Map 21 Memo (pdf, 29kb)
WSDOT Roundabouts

Plans, Specifications and Estimating
Technical support and training for engineering data systems used in preparation of Estimates and Contract Plans

Project Delivery Selection Guidance (PDMSG)
PDMSG was developed to aid WSDOT staff in evaluating projects for the most appropriate Project Delivery Method (PDM) based on each project's attributes, opportunities and risks that result in the most cost effective and best value project delivery in support of Reform VII.  

Assistant State Design Engineers and Design Liaisons Engineers

Deputy State Design Engineer
Mike Fleming
Policy, Standards & Research, Strategic Analysis & Estimating, Hydraulics, Highway Runoff Manual, Access & Developer Services, Roadside & Site Development, Expert Witness and 306b Witness for Design

Assistant State Design Engineer
Scott Zeller
Supporting Olympic Region, Gateway Program, WSF, Rail, Aviation, Facilities and Public Transportation

Assistant State Design Engineer
Dean Moon
Supporting Northwest Region - Mt. Baker area, and Northwest Region - Sno/King

Design Liaison

Assistant State Design Engineer
Jim Mahugh, PE
Supporting Eastern Region, Sound Transit, I-405 Program, and SR99 (AWV) Program

Assistant State Design Engineer
Kevin Miller
Supporting North Central Region, Northwest Region- Sno/King (John Chi) and Policy

Assistant State Design Engineer
Ricky Bhalla, PE
Supporting Southwest Region, South Central Region, and SR 520 Program

Design Liaison
Samih Shilbayeh, PE