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Wave2Go Online Ticket Purchasing - Monthly ReValue


Revalue Information

Buy Now Your Monthly ReValue card has some unique features that allow you commute throughout the calendar month, without having to worry about buying more tickets.

1. Replenishment: Monthly ReValue cards replenish on the first of the month. It’s done automatically ! You do not have to do anything. How do you know? Every month, on the first, you will receive an email stating we charged your credit card the monthly pass amount. What happens if the email says it didn’t charge? The web store will try and charge your ReValue card three times, if you are over your credit card limit or even if the expiration date is expired , the ReValue card will not replenish . In this case, please check “manage your account” and update your information.

2. Lost or Stolen: If you lose your card, we can replace it easily. Just call us or email us. Once our customer service staff reprint your card, the remaining rides will transfer to the new card. As soon as we reprint a new card, the old card will not be valid.

3. Cancel Revalue: The ReValue product line has options in “manage your account” that allow you to cancel your monthly pass revalue. To cancel means that it will stop the automatic replenish on the first of month but it lets you finish using the pass for the current month.

You will also see a “Suspend” option but this does not apply to the monthly pass. Suspend is a temporary action on the automatic replenish, it only works with Multi-Ride ReValue Cards.

4. Restarting it: Gone for more than a month? You will have to reapply for a new ReValue Card. Current monthly passes are available for purchase through the first week of each month. After the 10th of the month you should purchase a Multi-Ride Passenger Card for the remainder of the current month as it will give you the best value. You may then purchase your new monthly passenger pass ReValue Card for the next month on the second business day following the 14th of the month

Remember, the Monthly ReValue pass is valid for a maximum of 31 round trips per month, is nontransferable, is nonreproducible, and is intended for a single user.

If you have any questions on the Monthly ReValue Cards email us at or call us at 206.464.6400 and choose the Wave2Go option.