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Wave2Go Online Ticket Purchasing - ReValue Account


Wave2Go ReValue Account Management

Manage Your Account

  • View all products set up under your account.

  • Suspend your ReValue feature. You can temporarily suspend ReValue on any product in your account. This is useful if you leave town or go on vacation. It does not suspend any use left on a card. The card remains valid up to the limit of the card. It temporarily stops automatically charging your credit card.

  • Manual Replenish will automatically charge your card as soon as you click on “Manual Replenish”. It will allow you to replenish rides to your ReValue Card. If you've suspended ReValue, you can still add value to your card with your credit card. Your credit card will be charged immediately when you use this feature.

  • Re-activate ReValue. You tell us when to begin charging your credit card again.

  • Cancel ReValue. If you decide to cancel ReValue, any remaining use of the card will still be valid until all rides have been used, or the month ends. Then, there will be no further charges to your credit card.

  • Cancel lost or stolen cards. Just as you would do with a credit card, notify Customer Service and Wave2Go will immediately block any further use of that card and re-issue a new one with the residual value of the original card intact.

  • Change your contact and billing information. If you change addresses, telephone numbers, or e-mail accounts, or wish to change the credit card that your Wave2Go account charges.

  • View Purchase History. This will show the activity of all charge purchases made under your Wave2Go account.