3D Terrestrial Laser Scanning

3-D Terrestrial Laser Scanning

WSDOT GeoMetrix Office uses 3-D Terrestrial Laser Scanning technology to produce very accurate, very dense 3-dimensional digital data sets (called "point clouds") used for CAD mapping. This technology is a fast, safe, and efficient way to model and measure many areas where it can provide advantages over traditional survey or photogrammetric methods. The WSDOT GeoMetrix Office and Geodetic Survey Branch are highly skilled and experienced in this advanced technology. The Geodetic Survey crew scans the project while the Photogrammetry staff processes the data to the final 3D CAD deliverables.












Data (Point Clouds) From The Terrestrial Laser Scanner

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Downtown Seattle Point Cloud


Manette Bridge Point Cloud

3DTL Video 2min 11 sec





Express Lane Tunnel under Interstate 5 Point Cloud


Nile Valley Slide, State Route 410 Airborne LiDAR


Map Products Created From Point Cloud Data


CAD Design File


Orthophoto With CAD design file overlay (the I-5 express lane tunnel mapping can be seen in this view)

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Vital Roadway Measurements


SR 99 Tunnel low Clearance Measurements


SR 99 AWV low clearance measurements

caption below photo
  caption below photo

Measurement on SR 90 Latah Bridge


New way of mapping by reducing "noise" in pointclouds increases accuracy (Side View of Latah Bridge)

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Substructure of lower deck on the Ship Canal Bridge Express Lane. Vibrations of traffic on upper deck disallowed conventional survey.


Individual scans represented by colors are part of the 3DTL technology that allow accurate data scans on moving structures.

Structure Monitoring


Alaskan Way Viaduct (AWV) Bent 93


Western Building Downtown Seattle


SR520 Pontoon Prototype Wall Deformation


SR520 Pontoon Prototype - Measurements



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Pavement Monitoring

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Interstate 90 Latah Bridge - roadway wear & ruts shown in variegated colors.


Interstate 405 Thunder Creek - deformation of roadway surface shown in variegated colors.

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Archeological Sites Near Highways


Top view of artifacts in a "dig" site


Side view of artifacts in the "dig" site

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Volumetric Calculations and Angle Measurements


Arlington PIT contour file over orthophoto


Cross section view of volumetric calculation for cut and fill.


Wrap around mesh of a rock face - new software technology allows all surface meshes to be on its own plane.


Dip and Dip direction calculation

Data Management


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Point Cloud with grid data (2.6 miles long)


Point Cloud data with grid close up view


Point cloud grid from above overlayed onto orthophoto


WSDOT scan locations for all 3DTL projects are maintained in Transmapper with a GIS compatible layer.

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Scanned data sets can be enormous, reaching a billion points or more. WSDOT Photogrammetry uses enhanced computers and software systems to manage these massive data sets. 


Photogrammetry produces standard WSDOT CAD files that can be used on regular computers used by project designers and planners.