SR 20 - Sharpes Corner Vicinity - Interchange - Project history

In 2005, the Legislature provided funds to improve safety and reduce congestion at the Sharpes Corner intersection. In 2009, this project was shelved because the Legislature delayed funding. In 2012, WSDOT received $2 million to verify and complete project design.

By following the links in the timeline below, you can read about the different stages of the project that have brought us to where we are today.

Late 2005 to May 2007 - The history of the project's design begins shortly after funding for the project was approved by the 2005 Legislature. A pre-design study evaluated various design alternatives using all the available traffic data and other pertinent information available. In May 2007 the study was completed and it included six recommended design alternatives. The project was transferred to Dawn Yankauskas's engineering office.

Sept. 2006 - Funding made available to WSDOT to begin project.

Nov. 15, 2007 - We hosted an open house in Anacortes to showcase the  six design options. We asked for comments and public participation in a survey. Our comment and survey period lasted for 60 days and at the end, we tabulated the results and put them online.

Jan. 2008 - We held a value engineering study to evaluate the six options, several potential new options and look for ways to improve on the recommended option. The team spent a week brainstorming ideas. After reviewing the data, they chose the best overall concept and looked for ways to maximize the available funding.

Feb. 2008 - The Value Engineering team chose a modified roundabout as the best choice to improve the intersection. With the value engineering study complete, the design team began designing the roundabout.

Feb. 25, 2008 - We held an open house in Oak Harbor to update the community on plans to build a roundabout at Sharpes Corner. Design engineers and staff were on hand to explain the original options and showcase the new roundabout design.

March 2008 - September 2008 - The design team has been busy number crunching, doing additional surveying and taking geological samples to refine the design.

Sept. 25, 2008 - We hosted another open house in Anacortes to update the community on our design progress to date.

May 2009 - Project shelved indefinitely due to lack of funding from the Legislature.

December 2012 - Legislature allocates $2 million to verify and continue project design.