The state’s viaduct replacement projects are estimated to cost $3.35 billion. Funding comes from state, federal and local sources, as well as the Port of Seattle and tolls.

June 2020 update: The program received an additional $25 million in the 2020 Supplemental Budget with which to deliver the remaining program work.


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Tolling the SR 99 Tunnel

State projects Project status Budget ($M)
SR 99 Tunnel Project (includes design-build project, North and South Access contracts) Construction $2,145.6
SR 99 South Holgate Street to South King Street Project (includes Stages 1, 2 and 3) Complete $347.7
Central Waterfront Viaduct Removal and New Alaskan Way Construction $366.2
Central Waterfront Construction Mitigation (parking and mitigation) Complete $24.5
Other Moving Forward Projects
Program Management   $131.0
Prior Environmental Impact Statements, Right of Way and Design Costs   $163.7
Total budget   $3,350.1
State Funding
2005 Gas Tax (Partnership Funding) $1,695.4
2003 Gas Tax (Nickel Funding) $326.4
Other State $4.8
Federal $787.2
Local $68.6
Toll $200.0
Port of Seattle $267.7
Total Source of Funds $3,350.1