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  • Research & Library Services Program Administrator
    Anne Freeman 360-705-7945
  • Business Manager
    Fheejay Painter, 360-705-7975
  • Administrative Assistant 
    Vacant, 360-705-7961
  • Fiscal Analyst
    Mara Kim, 360-705-7971

Research Office

  • Doug Brodin, 360-705-7972
    Research Manager/Operations:  Emergency Management, Finance, Freight Mobility, ITS/Congestion, Maintenance Operations, NCHRP Review, Passenger Rail, Public Private Partnerships, Security, Snow & Ice Removal, Tolling, Traffic Operations, Transportation Pooled Fund, University Transportation Centers, Washington State Transportation Center.
  • Jon Peterson, 360-705-7499
    Research Manager/Multimodal:  Air Quality, Aviation, Bicycle/Pedestrian, Biology, Climate Change, Environment, Noise, Public Transportation, Student Studies, Sustainability, Washington State Ferries, Wildlife Passage.  
  • Mustafa Mohamedali, 360-704-6307  
    Research Manager/Engineering: Construction, Materials, Pavement, Geotechnical, Water Resources, Design Safety, Geometrics, Bridge Engineering. Coordinates federal research programs including EDC, AID, STIC and Transportation Pooled Fund studies.

WSDOT Library

  • WSDOT Librarian
    Kathy Szolomayer, 360-705-7751
  • Reference Librarian
    Mike Wendt, 360-705-7710
  • Digital and Print Collections Librarian
    Vacant, 360-705-7018

Mailing Address
Office of Research and Library Services
Washington State Department of Transportation
PO Box 47372
Olympia WA 98504-7372

Physical Location
WSDOT Headquarters Building
310 Maple Park Ave SE
Room SLC-21
Olympia, WA 98504-7372