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Washington Road Temperatures

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The process which produces the colored maps is no longer operational, please find here the current road temperatures as measured at our weather stations.

Stevens Pass Report
Restrictions Eastbound:
Traction Tires Advised, Oversize Vehicles Prohibited.
Restrictions Westbound:
Traction Tires Advised, Oversize Vehicles Prohibited.
Conditions: Frost and ice on the roadway
Weather: Clear skies
Elevation: 4061 ft / 1238 m
Temperature: 15ºF / -9ºC as of 7:57 AM, Apr 11, 2021
Updated: Sunday April 11, 2021 7:57 AM
Snoqualmie Pass Report
Restrictions Eastbound:
No restrictions
Restrictions Westbound:
No restrictions
Conditions: I-90 milepost 34 to 136, North Bend to Vantage: There are a number of maintenance and construction work zones between North Bend and Vantage. Motorists will experience minor delays this week due to lane closures. Pay attention and slow down as you enter and exit our work zones.
Elevation: 3022 ft / 921 m
Temperature: No Temperature Available
Updated: Sunday April 11, 2021 7:46 AM