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WSDOT-Managed Airports

Is Your State Airport Open? 

State Managed Airport Handbook , 2011 

State Airport Rules Chapter 468-250 WAC

Woodland State AirportLower Monumental State AirportLower Granite State AirportSullivan LakeState AirportLittle Goose State AirportTieton State AirportRanger Creek State AirportEaston State AirportBandera State AirportCopalis State AirportSkykomish State AirportLake WenatcheeStehekin State AirportMethow Valley State AirportRogersburg State Airport

Of these 16 state-managed airports, nine airports are state-owned, three are operated by special use permit, three are leased, and one is operated through a right of entry. Click on any of the airplane icons for an aerial photograph and site description of public use airports owned by WSDOT Aviation.