Tieton State Airport (WSDOT-Managed)

City: Rimrock
ID: 4S6

All State Airports Image - Rimrock/Tieton State/4S6


Firefighting activity is common at this airport. Watch for helicopter activity. Check NOTAMs and TFRs. Contact Flight Service Station at 1-800-WX-BRIEF for more information.



Overlooking Rimrock Lake, on the east side of White Pass, is the beautiful Tieton Airport. In 1980, it was naturally resurfaced with six inches of ash from Mount St. Helen's. There is a large forest service campground adjacent to, and a boat launching area only a few hundred feet away. Fishing is excellent, there are many hiking trails, and the scenery is superb. Tieton is such a nice place to go that some of the flying clubs have made the airport their summer campground.

The turf runway can be rough in spots due to rutting from water runoff and vehicles tracks, however Spring maintenance by volunteers and recently added vehicle access blocks and signage helps to keep the runway in suitable condition throughout the summer. The south end of the 2,509 foot runway is right at the edge of the lake. The approach from the lake is long and clear and the runway slopes uphill to the northeast for easy deceleration. The parking area is small, but has a tie down cable. The 2,964 foot field elevation does cause some summertime density altitude problems.  There is a mountain in the approach path from the northeast, and the runway drops rapidly away to the southwest. We recommend you overfly the field to check conditions, look for obstructions and plan your approach. The field is generally open from June 1st to October 1st.


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