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Methow Valley State Airport (WSDOT-Managed)

City: Winthrop
ID: S52

All State Airports Image - Winthrop/Methow Valley State/S52


The new west side aircraft parking ramp extension will be closed to the public starting Thursday July 11, 2019 at 6 PM local Pacific time for construction to occur Friday morning June 12, 2019. Duration approximately one day. New pavement marking and lights to be installed. Please check NOTAM's.

Runway 13/31 is open year-round for aviation use only. During winter months, limited snow removal is provided. Temporary closures may be implemented. Due to budget restrictions, if snow is expected within a 24 hour forecast, no snow removal will be conducted. Some exceptions may be possible for emergencies or during holiday periods. Please do not land if snow is on the runway. Be aware that patchy thin snow and ice is common during winter months. 

Please check NOTAMs for further outages or airport closures and contact the airport manager at 360-618-2477 for additional information. 

Airport Beacon has been retrofitted to pilot activation.

USDA Forest Service Smoke Jumper Base Operations:
Firefighting is common at this airport during summer months. 

Please check NOTAM's, TFR's and watch for helicopter activity. Contact the State Airport Manager for additional information at or 360-618-2477 .

Transient fixed-wing aircraft parking on west side ramp only. Access parking area from Evans Road. Due to design changes for existing aircraft tie down spaces, please bring longer tie down ropes (20' min) and expect to tie down during active helicopter operations. Transient vehicles are to remain outside of fenced airport area. Gate combination use CTAF. 

WSDOT Aviation will be installing additional GA parking spaces spring / summer 2019 as part of the schedule 4 construction project. 

Methow Valley (Intercity) is located five miles south of Winthrop, Washington in the beautiful Methow Valley. Originally constructed as a Forest Service installation, the airport has acquired an increasing importance as an airport covering the east side of the northernmost VFR routes through the Cascades. The airport also serves as an important access to the local recreational areas and the growing Methow Valley community. The area is famous for hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, and winter recreation opportunities.

Methow Valley has a 5,049 foot asphalt, lighted runway, and is stressed for 30,000 pound aircraft. The Forest Service still maintains a base on the field, and is very active from May to September during forest fire fighting season. Heavily loaded aircraft may be making straight out departures and long final approaches during fire season. Helicopter long line activity and support personnel are also common on the west side of the airport.  There are trees in both approaches, and people, vehicles, and animals may be on the runway.


The airport is open year-round, but extreme caution must be exercised during winter months when snow and ice is present. Snow removal machinery may be on the active runway. The airport has limited snow and ice removal services. 

Please check for Airport NOTAM’s and for additional information contact the Airport Manager by email at or by phone at 800-552-0666 , or 360-651-6313 .

Methow Valley State Airport Improvements

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