Working Groups

AWV Stakeholder Group (2009-present)

The state, King County and Seattle departments of transportation established two working groups in April 2009 to help inform the design and environmental review process for the SR 99 Tunnel Project. One group consisted of stakeholders near the tunnel’s future south portal, while the other was drawn from stakeholders near the future north portal. In 2012, we shifted the focus of the meetings to construction activities, particularly those related to the tunnel portals. In 2013, the two groups combined to form one program-wide stakeholder group.

Stakeholder group objectives:

  • Review information about upcoming construction activities, schedules and potential impacts.
  • Discuss coordination between projects and how agencies are working together to minimize impacts.
  • Provide agencies with feedback on work that has been implemented.
  • Share perspectives on upcoming construction activities and proposed mitigation techniques.
  • Help distribute construction information to the broader community.

Stakeholder group members represent neighborhood, business and freight interests and other interest groups. The Port of Seattle also participates in working group meetings.


In 2013, the north and south portal working groups were combined to create one stakeholder group.

Combined AWV Stakeholder Group

December 10, 2018

  • Agenda (pdf 227 kb)
  • Presentation (pdf 8.94 MB) updates on SR 99 closure, tunnel opening, viaduct demolition, Battery Street Tunnel decommissioning, north surface street connections, new transit pathwayswaterfront construction and Colman Dock.
  • Meeting summary (pdf 455 kb)

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