US 2 - Deer Road to Day Mt Spokane Rd - Complete July 2019

In 2014-2015, Corridor Review Study was performed with extensive community input to explore traffic movement opportunities in this area. The study identified affordable near-term safety improvements on US 2 from Deer Road to Day Mt. Spokane Road that are part of this 2017 construction project.

US 2 - Francis Ave to Division Wye - Paving - Complete October 2017


US 2/Division Street north of Francis Avenue was resurfaced new layer of hot mix asphalt will preserve the underlying roadway structure and provide a smooth driving surface.  The work was handled by CPM/Inland Asphalt Company of Spokane with a construction bid of $1,777,500.

Needs & benefits

Economic Incentive

This project protects the public investment in the infrastructure.

Partnerships and Cooperation

WSDOT engineers worked closely with adjacent businesses to minimize project affects.

US 395 - North Spokane Corridor - Freya Structures - Complete November 2019

Project news

  • Awarded to the Max J. Kuney Company of Spokane with a construction bid of $7,655,561.

Needs & benefits

SR 290 - Spokane River East Trent Bridge

Project News

Construction on the East Trent Bridge began Monday, March 9, 2020. The full closure for demolition and reconstruction of the East Trent Bridge will begin on June 1, 2020.

Several detours will go into place during construction.

Eastern Region ADA Pedestrian Access - Complete September 2017

Project news

  • Most work complete. Minor items remain.

In this project, ADA improvements were made at selected intersections on US 2 and SR 290 in the Spokane area, SR 902 in Medical Lake, SR 904 in Cheney and the Sprague Lake rest areas.  The selected intersections had the ADA features brought up to current standards.  The work was handled by the Wm. Winkler Company of Newman Lake, WA with a construction bid of $1,093,778.

Project Benefits

Improves Safety

Improved access for citizens.

SR 26 - US 195 - North Fork Palouse River Bridge Repairs

Project news

February 2019

  • WSDOT is working on a preferred solution to construct a new single bridge. This will replace the current two structures. The project will be programmed for construction in 2025.

Winter 2017

US 2 - US 395 - Intersection Improvements - Complete July 2019

Project news

  • This project was awarded to Specialized Pavement Marking, Inc. of Tulation, OR with a construction bid of $1,526,969.

This project includes installation of enhanced striping and signage at selected intersections on US 2 and US 395.

Why is WSDOT addressing these intersections?
Enhanced signage and striping may assist drivers as they approach intersections of local roads with high-speed highways.

The End Result
Higher visibility for busy intersections to assist drivers.

I-90 - Medical Lake Interchange Improvements

What to expect

The SR 902 Interchange Reconstruction project is located at the existing Highway 902 Interchange at exit 272 along I-90. The project includes the construction of - 

US 2 - Deer Road to Elk Chattaroy Road - Corridor Review

Project news

Winter 2017

Needs & benefits

Why is WSDOT conducting a US 2 / Deer Road to Elk-Chattaroy Corridor Study?

US 395 - North Spokane Corridor

Project news

2020 North Spokane Corridor Projects

US 195 - Hatch Road to Interstate 90

Project news

WSDOT Engineers are currently exploring small, intersection-related projects on US 195 between Hatch Road and Interstate 90. The latest design concepts are available.