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As of 2/17/2020 5:04 PM
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Bellingham Traffic
I-5 at MP 246.2: Lake Samish Park and Ride
I-5 at MP 250.3: South of Old Fairhaven Parkway NB
I-5 at MP 250.7: Old Fairhaven Parkway
I-5 at MP 251.8: Samish Way SB Onramp
I-5 at MP 252.2: Samish Way NB Onramp
I-5 at MP 253: Lakeway Dr
I-5 at MP 253.6: Iowa St
I-5 at MP 254.9: Sunset Dr
I-5 at MP 256.3: Meridian St
I-5 at MP 256.8: Northwest Ave
I-5 at MP 257.6: Bakerview Rd
I-5 at MP 257.6: Bakerview, SB Offramp
I-5 at MP 258.5: Bellingham Airport
I-5 at MP 260.1: Slater Rd
I-5 at MP 261.3: Smith Rd
I-5 at MP 262.6: Main St
I-5 at MP 262.5: Main St NB Ramps
I-5 at MP 262.5: Main St SB Ramps
I-5 at MP 263.6: Portal Way
I-5 at MP 264.8: Trigg Rd
I-5 at MP 265.9: Grandview Rd
I-5 at MP 266.8: California Creek
I-5 at MP 267.7: NB Custer Rest Area
I-5 at MP 268: Zell Rd
I-5 at MP 268.6: Willeys Lake Rd
I-5 at MP 269.2: SB Custer Rest Area South
I-5 at MP 269.2: SB Custer Rest Area North
I-5 at MP 270.2: Birch Bay-Lynden Rd
I-5 at MP 271.4: Loomis Trail Rd
SR 539 at MP 0: I-5 NB Ramps
SR 539 at MP 2.4: Kelly Rd
SR 539 at MP 3.5: Smith Rd
SR 539 at MP 4.5: Axton Rd
SR 539 at MP 5: Laurel Rd
SR 539 at MP 5.9: Ten Mile Rd
SR 539 at MP 7.5: Pole Rd
SR 539 at MP 8.6: Wiser Lake (North)
SR 539 at MP 9.5: River Rd
SR 539 at MP 10.5: Birch Bay - Lynden Rd
SR 539 at MP 10.8: Front St
SR 539 at MP 11.2: Main St
Bellingham International Airport
Mount Vernon & Stanwood Border camera map I-5 NB at Kellogg Rd I-5 SB at Smith Rd


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