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Snoqualmie Pass Road & Weather Conditions


This camera points West.
It operates 24 hours a day.
Route DescriptionAverage Travel Time (minutes)Current Travel Time (minutes)
North Bend to Ellensburg (EB)7172
Ellensburg to North Bend (WB)7372

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3022 ft / 921 m

Restrictions Eastbound:

No restrictions

Restrictions Westbound:

No restrictions


Advance Notice: WB I-90 travelers will experience rolling slowdowns, delays and a right lane closure near the summit starting at 7 a.m. on Wednesday, April 21 during daylight hours for rock scaling. I-90 milepost 34 to 136, North Bend to Vantage: There are a number of maintenance and construction work zones between North Bend and Vantage. Motorists will experience minor delays this week due to lane closures. Pay attention and slow down as you enter and exit our work zones.


Updated: Tuesday April 20, 2021 9:39 AM
Travel times as of 12:45 AM Wednesday, April 21, 2021
Snoqualmie Flow Map I-90 at MP 46.8: Denny Creek I-90 at MP 51.3: Franklin Falls I-90 at MP 52: Snoqualmie Summit I-90 at MP 53.4: East Snoqualmie Summit I-90 at MP 57.7: Old Keechelus Snow Shed I-90 at MP 67.4: Easton Hill I-90 at MP 70.6: Easton I-90 at MP 73.1: West Nelson I-90 at MP 79.5: Bullfrog-facing east I-90 at MP 84.6: Cle Elum I-90 at MP 89.4: Indian John Hill I-90 at MP 92.1: Elk Heights I-90 at MP 93.6: Elk Heights I-90 at MP 96.2: Rocky Canyon Seattle Vantage

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Wednesday Night
Partly Cloudy