Eastern region construction update and travel advisory

Dec. 6 - Dec. 20, 2019
WSDOT Eastern Region, 509-324-6000

Please Note: All construction and maintenance activities are weather dependent. 


2019 Eastern Region Chip Seal
Highway: SR 20, 26 Region: Eastern County: Ferry, Stevens, Pend Oreille, Adams, and Whitman 
Description: Crack seal, prelevel areas, pavement repair areas, bridge deck repair, rumble strips, and guardrail.

  • Work Schedule: Project under suspension due to weather. The contractor will finish the fog seal next year. 

Contact: Chad Simonson, Project Engineer, 509-324-6252



Keller Ferry Terminal and Pontoon Replacement North and South (MP 106.65 to 106.67)
Highway: SR 21 Region: Eastern County: Lincoln and Ferry Location: MP 106.65 to 106.67
Description: Construction to take place at the north and south Keller Ferry Terminals. Work will include replacing pontoons, decking, railing, and anchors.
Project Website: http://wsdot.wa.gov/projects/sr21/keller-ferry/home

  • Work Schedule: Substantial completion happened on October 1. No traffic control impacts at this time.

Contact: Chad Simonson, Project Engineer, 509-324-6252

SR 21 - West Fork Sanpoil Bridge Replace Structure (MP 145.6)
Highway: SR 21 Region: Eastern County: Ferry Location: MP 145.6
Description: Earthwork, removing and relocating the temporary Bailey Bridge, removing the existing bridge and installing a new bridge with wing walls, paving with HMA, stream channel excavation and in water stream work, rock and boulder placing, woody material placing and other items.
Project Website: https://www.wsdot.wa.gov/projects/sr21/westfork-san-poil-bridge/home

  • Work Schedule: Work has been suspended as of December 2.

Contact: Mark Allen, Project Engineer, 509-324-6232


US 2 - Reardan to Espanola Rd. - Paving (MP 263.45 to 271.02)
US 2 Region: Eastern County: Lincoln & Spokane Location: MP 263.45 to 271.02
Description: Restores 7.6 miles of existing asphalt pavement by grinding and placing 0.15 foot depth of asphalt on the driving lanes.
Project Website: http://wsdot.wa.gov/projects/us2/reardan-espanola/home

  • Work Schedule: All contract work is complete. Granted physical completion on November 21.

Contact: Tom Brasch, Project Engineer, 509-323-8411

Pend Oreille

SR 41/BNSF-POVRR Railroad Bridge (MP 38)
Highway: SR 41 Region: Eastern County: Pend Oreille Location: MP 38
Description: Replace the bridge over the railroad tracks just south of Newport, Washington, and Oldtown, Idaho. This bridge is jointly owned by the Idaho Transportation Department and WSDOT. This is an Idaho Transportation Department project.
Project Website: https://itdprojects.org/projects/id41oldtown/

  • Work Schedule: Construction that has been going on since April is now substantially complete. Minor work will continue with no further traffic impacts expected.

Contact: Megan Sausser, Idaho Transportation Department Communications, (208) 772-1295


I-90 Medical Lake/SR 902 Interchange Improvements (MP 272.81)
Highway: I-90/SR 902 Region: Eastern County: Spokane Location: MP 272.81
Description: Reconstruction of the intersections at the eastbound and westbound ramp terminals. This will replace the current intersections with roundabouts. Replacement and relocation of the intersection of SR 902 and Geiger Blvd. with a roundabout. Construction of a new bridge structure parallel to the existing overpass at I-90.
Project Website: https://www.wsdot.wa.gov/projects/i90/medical-lake/home

  • Work Schedule: Bridge work over I-90 continues with work on the end diaphragms ongoing. Work may begin on the new bridge deck.

Contact: Mark Allen, Project Engineer, 509-324-6232

North Spokane Corridor-US 395/Freya Structures (MP 162)
Highway: US 395 Region: Eastern County: Spokane Location: NSC MP 162
Description: Construct two mainline freeway bridges over Freya Street.
Project Website: http://www.wsdot.wa.gov/Projects/US395/nspokanecorridorfreya/

  • Work Schedule: The contractor is continually checking items off the punch list. Minor traffic impacts expected.

Contact: Mark Allen, Project Engineer, 509-324-6232

North Spokane Corridor-US 395/Columbia to Freya (MP 161.1 to 162.3)
Highway: US 395 Region: Eastern County: Spokane Location: MP 161.1 to 162.3
Description: Construct mainline NSC from Freya to Columbia. Contaminated material has been excavated on the north end of the project and samples are waiting for final test results. Minor drainage work. Erosion control work as needed.
Project Website: https://www.wsdot.wa.gov/Projects/US395/columbiatofreya/default.htm

  • Work Schedule: The contractor is waiting for the barrier fence for the pedestrian path. The contractor will be working on shoulder rock adjacent to the new concrete on both ramps and erosion control. Concrete curbs will be placed.

Contact: Mark Allen, Project Engineer, 509-324-6232

North Spokane Corridor-US 395/NSC BNSF 2nd Railroad Realignment
Highway: US 395 Region: Eastern County: Spokane Location: NSC 
Description: Construction of two railroad structures, BNSF shoofly, retaining wall, clearing, and grubbing, roadway excavation and embankment, HMA paving, installing curb and sidewalk plus utility work.
Project Website: https://www.wsdot.wa.gov/projects/us395/nsc-bnsf/home

  • Work Schedule: The three-year closure of Wellesley Avenue began on Nov. 21, 2019. Clearing and grubbing will continue along with rock crushing, excavation and exporting of class 4 contaminated material. Class 3 material will be excavated and embanked. Watermain on Rockwell work continues along with earthwork and subballast for the BNSF shoofly, the Wellesley excavation and retaining walls.

Contact: Chad Simonson, Project Engineer, 509-324-6252

Spokane Area Traffic Volume Collection (MP 286.19 to 292.02)
Highway: I-90 Region: Eastern County: Spokane Location: MP 286.19 to MP 292.02
Description: Upgrades and adds to the existing traffic data accumulation system.

  • Work Schedule: Work is complete at Broadway, Argonne, Pines, and Evergreen. Cabinet and wiring installation along I-90 westbound between Pines and Evergreen and westbound I-90 between Evergreen and Sullivan will continue along with pole and wiring installation along westbound I-90 at Sullivan. Expect daytime shoulder and outside lane closures for installation work.

Contact: Tom Brasch, Project Engineer, 509-323-8411


  • No scheduled traffic impacts


PCC Railroad Structure Rehabilitation and Replacement
Highway: Near US 195 Region: Eastern County: Spokane & Whitman 
Description: Rehabilitate bridges at MP 10.5 & 28.4, replace bridge at MP 29.48 and replace bridge at MP 23.89 with a culvert.

  • Work Schedule: For bridge 29.48 - Demolish the existing tracks, driving piles and installing steel structure. Bridge 23.89 - installation of bearing pads and girders.

Contact: Chad Simonson, Project Engineer, 509-324-6252

PV Hooper Track Improvements
Highway: Near SR 26 Region: Eastern County: Adams & Whitman 
Description: Hooper railroad line at MP 25.79 to 41.60. This project replaces ties, rail, and OTM, places ballast, track and restores ditches.

  • Work Schedule: Remove and install rail.

Contact: Chad Simonson, Project Engineer, 509-324-6252


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