Equal Opportunity - Payments Reporting

New Diversity Management and Compliance System (DMCS) 
The Washington State Department of Transportation has implemented a new Diversity Management and Compliance System (DMCS) powered by B2GNow for tracking payments to subcontractors, lower tier subcontractors, consultants, manufacturers, regular dealers, or service providers on the Contract. This includes all Disadvantaged, Minority, Small, Veteran or Women’s Business Enterprise firms. Subcontractors will have an opportunity to acknowledge receipt of the payment and verify the amount paid. The DMCS application is available at: wsdot.diversitycompliance.com.
The new system has built in web‐based training that is offered several times a month and is available through the website mentioned above. WSDOT encourages prime contractors as well as subcontractors to take this training.

DMCS User Manuals:

D/M/W/SBE Participation Tracking System (DBEP)
Contracts that were advertised prior June 2017 will continue to report in D/M/W/SBE Participation Tracking System (DBEP). DBEP is a web-based application that helps electronically track payments to Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE), Women’s Business Enterprises (WBE), Minority Business Enterprises (MBE), or Small Business Enterprises (SBE).

DBEP Training Videos


If you have questions or need help, contact the system administrator DiversityReporting@wsdot.wa.gov for assistance.