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Washington State Ferries follows all procurement policies and procedures mandated by the State of Washington.

Personnel by Commodity Grouping

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Commodity Groupings
Mark Voiland
(206) 515-3933
alarm systems vessels, bearings, propellers, pumps, valves, diving services, tug Services, shafting, VHF Radio, Navigational Equipment, pilings (wood and metal), port captains services, port engineer services, purchased services engineering, technical support, Services, air compressors, anodes, antennas, bearings, belts, carbon brushes, lightbulbs, electrical supplies, electronic supplies, machinery rentals, gauges, meters, electric motor & solvents
Becky Mowry
(206) 780-3106
sound powered telephones, adhesives, hand tools, power tools, hand held radios, abrasives, asbestos removal, couplings (air & water), eagle harbor shops (electric, insulation, pipe, sheetmetal & Store room) fasteners, fire doors, fittings, hoses, marine chemist services, pipe (metal & plastic), sani-cans, terminal services (janitorial, window washing, & sweeping), & waste disposal services
Shellee Skinner
(206) 780-3112
signs, bilge pumping, boilers & parts davits, diesel engine parts, eagle harbor shops (machine, carpenter, shore maintenance, weld & toolroom), purifiers, & certs, locksets, glass, outboard motors, lumber, propulsion control, reduction gears, steel & aluminum plates & shapes, tag repair items, tile floor and ceiling, upholstery & water jets
Steve Cole
(206) 389-8513
pest control, paint, purchased services, paint supplies, terminal maint, janitorial equipment and supplies, rental equipment, nets, filters oil & air, bunker gear, safety supplies, airpacks, air start motors, life boats, chemicals, first Aid Equipment and Supplies, shackles, liferaft repairs, (air & electric)
Rhonda Hendry
(206) 515-3935
cell phones and components, rain gear, linen, furniture, books manuals & publications, airplane charters, warehouse supplies, office supplies, bedding, office machine supplies, refrigerators, microwave ovens, stoves, rubber stamps, heaters, lamps, portable fans and uniforms
Roger Songster
(206) 515-3930
administrative services, advertising, armored car services, computer accessories, event rentals and supplies, light refreshments, and shop towel services, office facility maintenance, office moves, printing, printer multifunction devices, safes, service awards, training and travel, purchase order expediting