I-5 Tacoma Mall Boulevard Access Study

I-5 Tacoma Mall Boulevard Access Ramp Study Map

Study news

Thank you for attending the public open house on August 20 to review the study results and provide us with your comments. We are preparing the study report which we anticipate will be published in September.

Study Purpose

WSDOT will study strategies to reduce congestion on I-5 at the 38th Street Interchange and local streets (S. 38th Street/Steele Street Intersection) in partnership with the City of Tacoma and others. This area of I-5 experiences frequent traffic delays primarily in the southbound I-5 direction to westbound S. 38th Street to Steele Street intersecting with Tacoma Mall Boulevard. The study will analyze current and future recommendations for improving traffic flow around the Tacoma Mall area using the Practical Solutions planning approach. 

The End Result

The study will identify strategies to reduce traffic congestion and address future demands both to and from the Tacoma Mall area for travelers. Furthermore, the study information will be used to identify a preferred alternative, which may include improvements to the interchange, and local streets.


Funding for this study is provided by the Washington State Motor Vehicle Account. A total of $500,000 has been allocated. 


October - December 2018

  • Study scope of work
  • Preliminary analysis
  • Stakeholder communication

January - April 2019

  • Community outreach
  • Data analysis

May - September 2019

  • Data Analysis
  • Make recommendations
  • Community outreach
  • Complete study report


Dennis Engel, Multimodal Planning Manager

Cara Mitchell, Communications Consultant